*We've partnered with bamboobies to share strategies to help you as a working, pumping mom. You're getting ready to go back to work, and you want to keep breastfeeding. So you'll just throw a double-electric in your purse and get to work, right? Not so fast, mama. If you want to have a successful pumping experience at the office, you're going to need the right tools in your pumping bag. To help you streamline the process as a pumping, working mom, we asked lactation counselor and founder of the on-demand breastfeeding help service Boober Jada Shapiro for some packing recommendations. Here's her top 9 picks to include in your pumping bag. 1. A great “pump" bag. There are many cute pumping/diaper bags out there, so ditch the bag that came with your pump and get something that doubles as a purse you'll love to carry! Buy it here. 2. A manual hand pump. Countless women prefer the manual hand pump to the electric breastpump. It's light, just as fast as an electric pump (on one side), and works better for many! Even with your double electric at work, it's great to have a hand pump in your bag. If you don't work in a traditional office (maybe you drive or run around all day), a hand pump in your bag means you can pop into a bathroom anywhere and pump quickly without wires. Of course we don't want you to have to pump in the bathroom, but it's an option you want available to you if your job has you out and about all day! Buy it here. 3. Pumping Lube. Bamboobies makes a great, organic, baby-safe pumping lube called BOOB♥EASE™ Organic Pumping Lubricant. Use it to ease friction and make pumping more comfortable. Buy it here. 4. A hands-free pumping bra, especially for those of you using the double electric pump and at work full-time all day. If you have the ability to close the door to your office you might opt for this, so that you can pump and work at the same time, without having to hold your pumping flanges. Buy it here. 5. A nursing shawl, just in case you have to pump on the fly and you can't make it to your work pumping room (if you even have one!). We also know it can be tempting to pump in your own office, even if you don't have a lock on the door. Bamboobies chic nursing shawl could save you from that awkward moment when your boss barges in and claims they didn't notice the Do Not Disturb sign. Plus it does double duty as an “office sweater" for those over air-conditioned days. Buy it here. 6. Milk Storage Bags to transport your breastmilk home. Make sure to write the time and date on the bag before you pack it away! Buy it here. 7. Cold storage bag and ice packs to transport your breastmilk home at the end of the day. Even an insulated lunch bag works! Buy it here. 8. Nursing Pads. These are lifesavers to catch leaking before, during and after pumping. Bamboobies has you covered with their eco-friendly, super-soft, very comfy and well-loved EcoPure Bamboo Disposable Nursing Pads, which are great when you are out and about and want disposability. And they are antibacterial, antimicrobial, and the inner core is certified sustainable to boot! Their Washable Nursing Pads are awesome and reusable--also great for the mom on the go, as backup leak protection! If these become your go-to pads, you'll want to bring a thick baggie to transport wet ones home! Buy it here. 9. Pics and videos of your babe to help with milk letdown when you pump. The sights and sounds of your little one will help you relax and encourage milk to letdown. This will also help you feel more connected to your baby while you're apart.