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SpeCtra Baby USA – 9 Plus Breast Pump

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Each breastfeeding journey is unique and requires its own personal approach to pumping and nursing. But reaching your breastfeeding goals can be challenging and sometimes out of your control given the physical and emotional changes new moms experience. Why not invest in a breast pump that’s going to make life better for you, your baby, and your partner?

Overall Rating: 5

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Innovation Rating: 5

The SpeCtra 9 Plus is literally the size of 2 iPhones in cases, back to back. It’s as quiet as it is small with a rechargeable battery that will run for three hours (6 – 9 pumping sessions). With a massage feature to stimulate let-down, this pump mimics baby suckling until you switch to the expression feature, creating a strong baby-like draw. Finally, as a closed system, this pump prevents any unwanted breast milk backflow in the collection kit.


Usability Rating: 5

With the 9 Plus, you’re not hooked up to a wall. Think of it as free-range mothering. The 4-button interface (on/off, massage, vacuum up, and vacuum down) is uncomplicated and user friendly, allowing for easy adjustments as you go. Gentle without compromising effectiveness, the 9 Plus is a steady, mobile nursing solution. Plus, with backflow protection, there’s no need to struggle with tube cleaning in the collection kit.


Price Rating: 5

$199 (regularly $250)

Numbers aside, the 9 Plus from SpeCtraBaby is the ideal pump for multifaceted moms interested in finding the perfect nursing-and-pumping balance.

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