The days are getting shorter and the weather is unpredictable at best. Take advantage of the last few warm days of the year by wrapping baby up in a fall-flavored carrier and checking out the (allegedly) going-out-of-business sale at one of your favorite retailers. We’re talking baring it all on a billboard and snuggling up in a sweatshirt--yup, Well Rounded’s weekly links are here.

1. The amount of information out there on breastfeeding can be overwhelming and even a little intimidating. Fortunately, California IBCLC TaNefer Lumukanda can “Teach You How to Breastfeed” in three minutes of rap and insanely cute nursing babies. She covers everything from proper latch to what a healthy breastfed poop looks like. And it rhymes, too.

2. Solly Baby has launched their fall/winter collection in gorgeous colors that will keep your hands free (and baby close) while you sip your pumpkin spice latte. New this fall is the addition of a “standard” size, which leaves less fabric leftover at the end of the wrap. If you like the extra wiggle room, their original size is available as a “long.”

3. The upscale Manhattan children’s retailer Giggle is closing! After a “secret sale” popped up online directing shoppers to stores, buyers arrived to find almost nothing left. Check out what’s left and where to find them here.

4. Loyal Hana rolled out a super-trendy limited edition sweatshirt featuring art by fashion icon Sasha Pivovarova. It’s nursing friendly, oh-so-comfy, and 20% of profits go to the BUmi Sehat Foundation. Take a peek at the design here.

5. Glossier’s new campaign features beautiful, glowing skin and every body type imaginable--including a pregnant model. They come from a diverse range of backgrounds, from clinical researchers to professional athletes. Check out their glow and Glossier’s new Body Hero.

Photo taken from the video Teach Me How to Breastfeed.