When I think back on all of the solicited and unsolicited motherhood advice that I received about my forthcoming baby, what comes to my mind first are the things that my mother and the other wise women around me did not share.

Yes, they offered up the traditional bits of advice: how to change a diaper, how to properly swaddle the baby, to rest when the baby sleeps and so forth. But it was truly the unspoken, intuitive lessons that did not come until I stepped into what I call the “mothering force” that shaped my mothering journey.

When I became pregnant for the first time, I did all the expected things. I prepared a beautiful space for the baby. I nested. I rested. I took care of my health. Then I began to notice a shift. My intuition was stronger. My sense of judgment became sharper, and my dreams more vivid. I did not fear the change. I embraced it. By embracing this enlightenment, there was a surge of confidence, creative fluidity and a tenacity that accompanied my mothering journey.

To step into motherhood is to allow a life source to flow through you and around you. A mother carries, produces and nourishes another human being, and that gifting is powerful. Here are my 5 tips to encourage new mothers to confidently embrace the unspoken new awakenings that often accompany motherhood:

1. Have no fear.

Nothing can truly prepare you for motherhood, but you must know that you have everything that you need to nurture and birth your child.

2. Listen to your body.

The body is a powerful vessel. It speaks. Listen to it.

3. Motherhood is your own, unique experience.

Do not compare your mothering experience to anyone else. We are birthing our own unique children with their own unique purposes. Solicit other moms for help, but do not play the comparing game.

4. Love your stretch marks and the new weight that you carry.

Because they are the markings of your body’s history. They speak: “You carried life here”.

5. Embrace your mothering intuition.

This innate knowing is there on purpose. Embrace it. Use it. Love it.

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