We spend so much time as new moms thinking, "If only I knew what he was thinking." And then a little while goes by, and they start saying one word here and there, and then, boom, they're toddlers and able to tell us EXACTLY what they want. Or more often than not NEED. Toddlers NEED a lot. But not really. They're just really passionate (and vocal) about what they like, so they're actually the last people you want to piss off when holiday gift shopping this season. Yes, of course you want to get them the best because you love that amazing little human with everything you have, but also because they can be scary sometimes. And brutally honest. So, definitely get them the Frozen princess everything they're been begging you for, or the latest Transformer they've been coveting at the playground. But also give them a gift they never thought they wanted. Because what do kids love more than gifts? Surprises. Here are 7 cool gifts your toddler will go bonkers for.

  1. Modern-Twist Kids Mark-Mat Coloring Silicone Placemat. Even the best eaters need some encouragement staying at the dinner table sometimes. This washable color mat will keep your little artist entertained and even spark conversation. $25
  2. Odette Williams Kid Apron. For the little foodie in your life. This apron is perfect for those winter baking sessions you've been looking forward to. We only wish they made parent sizes too. $51.00
  3. Native Shoes Fitzsimmons Kids Boots. We love this brand for its ease during the summer months but can't stop thinking about the latest boots in their line. They're waterproof, über cool and the kids will love all the fun colors they offer. $65.00
  4. Where's Karl? Waldo, who? You and your toddler will get loads of entertainment but for totally different reasons while you try and find Karl Lagerfeld throughout this book. What better way to educate your tiny fashionista. $9.29
  5. Herschel Supply Alpine Beanie. We love a modern classic. Keep your littles head warm with this pom pom ribbed beanie. $19.99
  6. The Paloma Teeter Totter. Living in NYC means less space. So finding a toy that looks good and helps keep toddler in one space while releasing energy is clutch. This is more than just a toy it's a city family sanity saver. $320.00
  7. VTech Kidizoom Spin and Smile Camera. All that instagramming has inspired your toddler to start taking pictures all by himself. Buuut your phone and camera are too fragile to leave in tiny hands. This is the answer to both of your prayers. $42.99
Photography by Stylish & Hip Kids.