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Enjoy The Ride.

Room To Grow ? — 11 Weeks Pregnant

Enjoy the ride. Now the fun stuff really begins, mama. ? This week, the fetal period begins and your tiny human is finally looking like, well, a tiny human. Your baby’s adorable eyebrows are developing, and she has started to pee! (Did you ever think you’d be so proud of a tiny human’s ability to urinate? Welcome to motherhood.) This urine helps make up the amniotic fluid, which the baby swallows to help develop the lungs. We’re not sure who thought drinking pee was a great idea, but it seems to work just fine for these little ones! Wondering what YOU should be eating and drinking? We’ve got healthy pregnancy snacks to keep you nourished all day long. Small bites. Deep breaths. You’ve got this.

XO, TeamMotherly

P.S. Take note: The end of the first trimester is coming. We’ve got announcement ideas to share the big news in style. So many likes and hearts. ❤️