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Labor Is The Only Blind Date Where You Know You Will Meet The Love Of Your Life.

It’s Almost Time ⌛️ — 38 Weeks Pregnant

Labor is the only blind date where you know you will meet the love of your life. The chub life: Baby continues to work on gaining weight and storing fat, as the fat will help the baby regulate his or her temperature outside the womb. You must be so excited (and, we're sure, a little nervous!) to give birth and meet your baby, and might be wondering if there are any ways to get the show on the road. There are lots of old wives' tales out there—castor oil, spicy food, sex, walking—but none have been reliably shown to start labor. Try to stay comfortable and soak up your last few moments with your partner prior to baby's arrival. Go on a last "just the two of you" date, and try to imagine how wonderful it will be sharing your life with a tiny human all your own. (It's SO awesome + we're so thrilled for you.)

XO, TeamMotherly

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