When I got pregnant, I was about to start a new role as Beauty Editor of Glamour Magazine. So you can imagine how I felt when my dermatologist cheerfully announced I had Gestational Acne. “Why now?” I wailed. Well, to put it simply: hormones. They can over-stimulate cells, break down cellular components and weaken the skin’s immune system. So, essentially, skin’s natural balance and defences are upset, et voila: a nine-month long breakout hits. The chin tends to be the main zit zone, but I also discovered sneaky crops behind my ears, in my hairline, and across my cheeks, chest and back. Now, I know you want to zap the hell out of them. But before you go for an all-out attack on the zits and oil with all the alcohol-based teenage favorites, think on. By stripping oil – necessary oil – your skin will go into overdrive producing more oil to compensate. You’ll end up with extra spots, plus dry patches, redness and irritation, and at worst, permanent scarring. The bottom line is, you can’t battle hormones during pregnancy. Instead, help your skin repair with some effective but gentle products. I swear by REN’s ClearCalm collection, especially the Clay Cleanser and 3 Replenishing Night Serum. They’re free from retinoids, glycolic acid, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide – common spot-fighters, which are considered too harsh during pregnancy – and yet got my outbreaks under control. End your cleanse by gently massaging your skin with a muslin cloth, using a fresh one every day. I love Emma Hardie Amazing Face Professional Cleansing Cloths in particular. Have you battled with gestational acne? Image source.