During my first pregnancy, I honestly didn't think about alcohol very much. I had always been a social drinker, but it wasn't much of a sacrifice to give up the occasional glass of wine or cocktail. My second pregnancy was a different story. As my second and third trimesters lingered over the hottest summer months, I often found myself eyeing my friends' crisp glasses of rosé or refreshing backyard cocktails in lieu of a non-alcoholic drink.

It was a small price to pay for a healthy baby, but especially during the moments when we celebrated our impending little one, like my baby shower—it sometimes felt a little anticlimactic to sip seltzer while my friends said cheers! with prosecco.

I tried "alcohol-free" alcohols and wines, and, to be honest, I always found them a bit wanting. The flavor was often too sweet and too juice-like to pass for a wine or liquor substitute, and I rarely wanted to drink past the first sip.

Then I popped my first bottle of TÖST.

Originally only available in select restaurants and hotels, TÖST is different from your average alcohol substitute. Made with white tea, white cranberry and ginger, the flavor is crisp, refreshing and—dare I say it—dry like a glass of real bubbly. Effervescent with hints of peach and citrus, the flavor is mild enough to pair with virtually any meal, be it brunch with your friends or a late night salty snack. (Hey, don't judge my pregnancy cravings!)

Even better? It clocks in at just 60 calories per 12-ounce serving—12 ounces of champagne will run you at least 240. And because it's made with sparkling water, it counts toward your daily hydration goals, too.

Plus, the flavor is as versatile as it is tasty. I've enjoyed up and chilled, on the rocks and even with a little alcohol added in. (Hey, no one said you had to keep it alcohol-free.) It makes a great, fizzy addition to your favorite cocktails (sub it in the place of seltzer) or mocktails if you're not drinking alcohol.

bottle of wine on a table

TÖST non-alcoholic refresher

Pregnancy may mean passing on barbecue and wedding drinks, but now I’m just wondering where TÖST has been all my (pregnant) life. Even better, I’m looking forward to using it to raise a glass to all my newly pregnant friends. Because every celebration deserves a great toast.

Sold in packs of three, six or twelve bottles, it’s perfect for sharing or stashing.

TOST rose

TÖST rosé

Rosé all day? Yes please.