Unsurprisingly, there’s a huge emphasis put on the belly during pregnancy. Stretch mark creams, itch-soothing gels and sensual oils are doled out by the bucket-load. But what about those poor legs? They’ll feel the strain of the extra baby weight and you might find them swelling, bruising, itching and aching by week 35. It’s time to give them some much-needed pamper time.

1. REN Neroli Grapefruit Body Cream – Hydrating? Yes. Protective? Sure. But what’s really special about this natural lotion is the scent – neroli and grapefruit are great friends to the pregnant woman’s nose. Hand it over to your partner for a nightly foot rub. $29

2. Elemis Spa At Home Instant Refreshing Gel – This is a lovely cool gel to slap on if you’re suffering from pregnancy itch combined with restless legs. This will reduce the heat in your skin while keeping the skin hydrated without leaving a greasy residue. $55.50

3. Margaret Dabbs Hydrating Foot Soak - Pour this soak into a bowl of warm water, pop your feet in and… ahhh! Sheer bliss when you’re heading towards the end of your pregnancy and your feet are feeling the strain. Any dry skin will soon be softened up too – see if you can persuade your partner to file your heels fresh from their soaking. $33

4. Bumps a Daisy Hand and Foot Pregnancy Scrub -- Keep your skin fresh without irritation or redness by massaging this delicious - and happily natural - scrub into your feet and ankles twice a week. It’ll boost your circulation (key when your ankles are swollen) and is specially formulated for pregnant women, so there’s a weight off your mind AND your feet. (around $57 with international shipping)

5. Bloom and Blossom Revitalising Leg and Foot Spray -- A chemical-free tool to relieve water retention and refresh hot and itchy legs, this spray a total leg-saver during my pregnancy. You’ll continue using it postpartum – it’s great for frequent flyers; hot, dry weather and after exercise. Basically, it’s a soothing stalwart. $22