Every person who lives in New York has their own version of this great city--their favorite blocks and backdrops, their go-tos and must-shares. Some are spots where life has already unfolded and others are where life is waiting to unfold...maybe with a new little one in tow. So is the case for Harry Bernstein (aka Harry Beee) and Alee Thompson. This creative couple--Harry's the founder and creative director at The 88 and Alee was one of the very first employees--are as quintessentially New York as it gets. A quick glance at Harry's instagram feed and you'll see the city from angles you only imagined existed.

So on the eve of welcoming their little boy Lorenzo into the world (he's here! and he has his own Instagram account. And emoji hashtag. Of course.), we asked them to show off their version of New York and tell us about the places they can't wait to take their latest (and littlest) addition. Because nothing, and we really mean nothing, makes these scenes more beautiful than when they're framing a bump.

1. Our Apartment. We recently moved into an apartment on a high floor of a building downtown. Giving him this perspective, both literally and figuratively, is something we're looking forward to.

2. Harry's Parent's House in Queens. Harry grew up in Queens and most of his family still lives out there. His Mom is Italian, and the closeness of the family is something we're glad he'll be able to experience.

3. Fire Station. We pass by this mural outside of a fire station in our neighborhood on our morning coffee walks. Always makes us happy. Hopefully he'll be into it as well.

4. Hudson. We go up to the Hudson area a couple of times each year. Usually once in the summer and once in the fall. We're excited to take him anywhere nature will "wow." And we'll probably end up furnishing his room with pieces found in the town's many awesome antique furniture stores.

5. West Village. We love the West Village. The quaintness of the tree lined streets and brownstones makes us feel like we're in a smaller city.

6. Globe. This is at Corona Park out in Queens. They built this globe for the World's Fair, where Harry's Dad worked in the '60s. In the summer it's full of kids wreaking havoc in the water fountains.

7. Shelter Island. Our friend has a beautiful place out on Shelter Island. As much as we used to like Montauk, it's gotten too crowded recently. Shelter in contrast is so peaceful.

8. SoHo. Our offices are in SoHo. He'll definitely be spending some time getting to know its cobblestoned streets.

9. The Met. We got engaged at The Met--this photo was taken that night. Nuff said!

Want to meet the coolest baby on Instagram, Lorenzo Beee? He'll be taking over Well Rounded NY's Instagram feed on Sunday Oct 4, so make sure you come hang out!

Photography by Harry Bernstein.