When it comes to getting dressed in the early days of pregnancy, it can be hard to find your personal style, especially if you are still keeping the exciting news under wraps. And while the first trimester comes with a lot of physical changes on the inside, the visible ones (hello, bump!) don't take shape until you are further along.

So how, exactly, do you dress a bump that's not quite there yet? The key is to know what exactly to wear during this time to make you feel the most comfortable and beautiful.

Here are our fashion tips to remember during the first trimester, mama:

Opt for affordable maternity styles.

Oriane nikeya wrap dress

In the second trimester you'll have a better idea where your weight will be distributed (other than the belly), so it's best to hold off on spending loads of money on maternity pieces to ensure this investment takes you through the duration of your pregnancy. In the meantime, scoop up price-sensitive styles like this simple wrap dress from Oriane.


Embrace your belly.

Stowaway Collection Maternity uptown dress

The baby is coming and you may or may not be telling everyone yet. We get it, mama! But you have a long journey ahead when it comes to showing off the bump so why not start embracing it now? The beginning days can appear more bloating than true baby bump so some mamas want to hold off on the form-fitting belly enhancing silhouettes until the second trimester. But, we say go for it! We love this dress from Stowaway Collection Maternity, which allows you to grow into it month over month.


Invest in a very comfy bra.

Belly Bandit anti-bra v-neck

Your breasts will start changing as early as conception—in fact, it may be one of the very first pregnancy symptoms you get. As your breasts grow, it's a good idea to invest in a few new bras to ensure the fit and support is complimentary to your new shape. Our pick? This style from Belly Bandit. It's soft as butter and will double as a nursing bra later.


Prioritize how you feel.

stacie jumpsuit

We know, leggings are comfortable and easy to wear throughout your entire pregnancy. We love wearing them, too but it's easy to fall into the legging rut early in the game. Instead, think outside the box with options like this relaxed jumpsuit that's oh-so-comfortable and will make you feel so good.


Grab back support.

Belly Bandit 2-in-1 hip wrap

Back support may not be important to you now, but over time it may become a priority. Invest in a belly band or a supportive belt now, so that you'll be ready to take off the pressure when it really matters.


When in doubt, go for hand-me-downs.

As your body begins to take its new shape, it will require you to buy new maternity garments. Instead of spending tons of money on piece you may never wear again, ask your mama friends if they have maternity pieces they would like to share. If you don't have mama friends in your size, opt for resale shops or online stores like ThreadUP.

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