If you have even thought about having a baby, you have probably already heard of Latham Thomas. The pregnancy guru has held a strong belief that food is a mechanism for health and healing since a young age (she became a vegan at age 12), and began incorporating yoga and meditation into her life as she grew older.

“Ultimately my pregnancy with Fulano would spark a movement within me to bring all of this wisdom into a methodology that could help women of my generation,” says Thomas. And so Mama Glow was born. “Mama Glow is about supporting women as they explore optimal wellness. I offer nutrition counseling and culinary support, yoga, doula services, and events for women, expectant and new moms. I didn’t name my book after the company, I named it after a lifestyle. One that I live, preach and teach.”

A true California girl at heart, who after 14 years in New York City finally considers herself “an almost New Yorker,” Thomas tells us a little more about Mama Glow (the book and lifestyle), plus helps answer a few questions for our Well Rounded NY-ers trying to conceive in this big city.

Why did you write Mama Glow?

I felt compelled to write Mama Glow because I didn’t have a guide to work with when I was pregnant. I was figuring it out as I went along. I want women to not only feel supported and empowered, but mobilized to take healthy action in their lives and make choices aligned with a positive set of beliefs. I wanted to promote green living, and I wanted to share a story that wasn’t fear-based or hokey — one that spoke to modern women living in big cities and in suburbs to address all aspects of their self care.

Tell us about the Mama Glow lifestyle.

Mama Glow is a certain radiance that overcomes a woman who is happy, healthy and feeling fulfilled in her life. I associate the glow with lifestyle choices aligned with well-being. It can be witnessed in beaming bright eyes, vibrant skin and shimmering hair. Most of all, Mama Glow is about owning your fierce power and femininity, and embracing the awesomeness of motherhood.

How does yoga (versus other forms of exercise) benefit women who are trying to conceive?

Yoga is beneficial because it really prepares the body, mind and spirit for what lies ahead. Yoga helps to center our breathing, decrease stress and regulate your mood. It also stimulates blood flow to the reproductive center, and contributes to hormonal balance. Yoga can increase libido, increasing chances of fertility as well.

What challenges does living in New York City raise for women trying to conceive?

There is pollution, fast-paced living, unhealthy food choices, late night hours, high stress work environments... all of which can wreak havoc on the body. But it’s all a choice. You can create healthy boundaries to work toward preparing your body.

How does Mama Glow speak to those challenges?

The Mama Glow plan is a comprehensive wellness plan that works wonders if you apply it properly. I am convinced that the adaptogenic qualities of the glow foods like maca, for instance, work on balancing out the areas that need most attention. Whatever your age, you can embark upon this journey, and if you do the work, you will see tangible results unfold. If you are having a baby later in life, the “Glitz, Glimmer, Glow Cleanse” is essential for setting yourself up for success. It’s also a great plan postnatal, once you’re all done with breastfeeding, if you have a few extra pounds to shed.

What are the top five foods women should eat when trying to prepare for pregnancy?

Glow foods are rich in nutrients, and are easy to digest and assimilate. They don’t cause wacky cravings, constipation or indigestion, and they are absorbed slowly by the body, keeping insulin levels low. Glow foods promote optimal circulation of oxygen and nutrients to cells, healthy hormonal balance, and promote healthy weight maintenance. My picks are quinoa, pumpkin seeds, leafy greens, avocado and almonds.