From February 19 to March 20, we're in full Pisces mode. As a water sign, a Pisces is compassionate yet gentle and artistic yet exceptionally wise. Sounds like a perfect pairing, if we're being honest! Your baby may show signs of solitude or loneliness, but rest assured, these are very common traits of a Pisces. Sometimes, they prefer the quiet and a good dose of me-time.

A water baby, the symbol of a fish is often tied to Pisces, giving way to names like Koi, Fisher, and Fin. Likewise, you may find these love-inspired names helpful, as a nod to your baby's compassionate side. Additionally, if your little Pisces is a March baby, the name March is cute too!

See below for more Pisces-inspired baby names, including names of famous Pisces celebrities.

Names inspired by Pisces traits

Those born during Pisces season are often thought of being very smart. Ramona, Sage, Ethan, Conrad, Solomon, Hubert, Prudence, Shannon, and Wilbur are all names that mean "smart, wise, and intelligent."

Pisces are known for being artistic, which is why these artist-inspired baby names would also make a great fit.


Choosing a name that ties back to your baby's zodiac sign is another fun idea. The color purple resembles Pisces season, and there are so many popular and unique names with this meaning.

Mauve, Yolanda and Hyacinth are all possible girl names. Another could be the name Amethyst, which is February's birthstone.

For boy names, consider Indigo (Indy for short?) or Porfirio.

Celebrity Pisces

Manifest that your little one will have the voice of an angel like Smokey Robinson, Rihanna, Common, Camila Cabello, or Quincy Jones.

There's tons of notable actors for your Pisces baby to look up to like Rashida Jones, Boris Kodjoe, Rebel Wilson, Wanda Sykes or Lupita Nyong'o. Although not an actor, film director and producer Spike Lee is very respected in Hollywood as well.

Shaquille O'Neal, Simone Biles, Stephen Curry, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are all famous athletes known for their talents on and off the field.

Encourage your baby to change the world and make a difference like George Washington, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Harriet Tubman.