A growing belly lends well for playing with new silhouettes and accessories--making pregnancy an optimal time to reinvent your style. But as the months go on you’ll realize that it’s not only a time to reinvent your own style but create a brand new style for your little one to own (at least until he can have his say as a threenager). And it all begins with nursery decor. Of course, you know all about our top picks of essentials like cribs, rockers and swaddles, but when we’re talking nursery decor, it’s really all about those custom details.

Like a custom illustration by our very own Jen Cascino, better known as Famous Swan. “In the day and age of having a million photos of these moments stored on your phone and never even printed, it’s a really nice reminder of what counts when you glance at your wall and see a piece of artwork that not only captures your family in a special moment in time, but also portrays the emotion and energy through color and lines!” says Cascino, who prior to being a dedicated illustrator, art directed and designed for Details, Glamour, ELLE, and Architectural Digest for 15 years.

For Cascino--who is a Brooklyn mom to a three year old herself--illustrating is a passion. And it’s clearly conveyed in each custom piece that she creates for clients. “When I begin to draw something, I choose a brush, pen or pencil with dark ink that that lets me capture the energy of the subject in a free flowing, continuous line. I do this part of the drawing quickly and usually to music that suits the mood. Next, I add color and patterns in layers so the art shows texture and transparency in places. Accenting with a few bright colorful points helps the important parts of the drawing pop and the softer, more delicate hues fall back to create depth in the portrait. Sometimes I add a bit of cut paper or collage to my layers as well,” says Cascino.

Cascino’s style tends to be less realistic and more quirky and whimsical, while still capturing a recognizable likeness of the subject and representing their personal expressions and style. The perfect way to complete your nursery and capture an unforgettable moment in time once your brand new babe arrives.

Find out more about how to order your very own custom illustration here at Jen’s Etsy shop. And check out her children's books here.