When I first learned I was pregnant I thought, “There are so many places I want to see before my life completely changes!” Lucky for me, one friend was planning a bachelorette party in Barcelona, another was welcoming visitors in London, and a family member asked for company out west. Yes, yes and yes!

I soon discovered that traveling can be manageable and even enjoyable while pregnant. In fact, it’s the perfect time to plan a trip... a babymoon perhaps? Taking vacation helps you relax and unwind and offers similar benefits to your bump. You can enjoy unusual foods and introduce new flavors to your baby -- some experts say a sophisticated palate starts in the womb.

My babymoon in Silicy combined sun, relaxation, new experiences, and great food. We planned our trip for the second trimester, when morning sickness is at bay and blooming pregnancy hormones help you feel energetic and great. Try going in the first or second month of your second trimester, as the bigger you get, the more uncomfortable flying can become.

Here are some ideas for relaxing and blissful babymoons.

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