Everything changes when a baby is born. Suddenly, the smallest moment becomes monumental—or, at the very least, important enough to immortalize in an Instagram post. Once a little one enters the picture, it becomes even more important for families and friends to stay connected in meaningful ways. But simply showing off your adorable baby on social media rarely provides the deeper connection most mamas are looking for, especially in that packed-with-milestones first year.

Unfortunately, new babies often make travel more difficult. And as little ones grow at the speed of light (seriously, you were just born, right??), out-of-state visits and girls nights are harder and harder to fit in.

That's why we love Houseparty, a group video chat app that lets users be with up to eight people simultaneously even when you're not physically together. Is your little one about to take their first steps? Do you need your girlfriends' opinion on those first post-maternity jeans? Simply open the app, and you'll alert your closest friends and family that you're ready to chat. As soon as they log in, the chat is on. Because missed phone calls are so 2017.


Here are five ways the Houseparty app helps us stay connected.


1. Virtual girls nights in

Before marriage, kids, and #adulting started to get in the way, planning a spontaneous night out with your girls was easy. A few texts later, and you and your crew would be at your favorite spot within hours. Now? Not so much. Thanks to Houseparty, the ease of hanging out has returned. Just open the app to alert the girls you're ready to hang.

2. Family dinners

Work schedules aren't always conducive to getting everyone to the table at the same time. But that doesn't mean you or your partner needs to miss out on family time at the end of the day. With the Houseparty app, family members out of the house can remotely check in for dinners without missing a beat—no matter when dinner gets on the table. Grandma, aunts, uncles, and other relatives can even join in to catch up on family time.

3. Baby milestones

Sure, you could show grandma a video later of your son taking his first steps. But how much more would she love to watch it happen live? Houseparty lets you alert relatives the moment something is happening, whether it be first words or simply watching your toddler open a present that came in the mail. Anyone who is available to join can be there all together, instantly.

4. Mama meetups

If that middle school dream of you and all your best friends living on the same street didn't happen, odds are you have a few friends out there who have had babies you haven't been able to meet yet. Instead of simply liking every baby photo they post on Facebook, jump on Houseparty together. It's a great way to meet their little ones while introducing them to their future best friends—your kids!

5. Bedtime rituals

Never miss another bedtime. Houseparty is the perfect way to join in for everything from story time to tuck-ins—no matter where you are or when you finally get your little one under the covers.

Ready to reconnect, mama? Download Houseparty today.