There’s one thing that separates a NYC pregnancy from most other cities: subway stories. That’s right, all you pregnant (or former pregnant) NYC mamas are all shaking your heads like “Mmhmm, I got one of those.” We all do. Sometimes they’re good--nothing like seeing a teen give up a seat for a pregger--but unfortunately we’ve also heard way too many that end in frustration. We’ve also heard the horror stories from people trying to do the right thing by offering their seat to a “pregnant” woman and getting the stink eye in return because said person wasn’t pregnant. Oops.

One husband and wife duo, Liem and Downy Nguyen, have created a simple solution to this “Is she? Isn’t she?” dilemma: Mommy Belly Buttons. “When my wife was pregnant last year, riding the train from Brooklyn to Manhattan to work was a nightmare because there are a lot of people who don't offer their seat," says Liem Nguyen. “But, at the same time, it can be hard to tell, especially if someone is in their first trimester (or wearing a heavy coat), and I noticed this happening to other pregnant women as well--something needed to be done about it. I created Mommy Belly Buttons because I got tired of seeing this type of thing happen over and over again.”

And for those simply avoiding eye contact? Well, the cheeky quotes like "Stand up for what's right... in front of you" and "Yes. She's Pregnant. No. You can't touch it" are sure to make them look. Consider Mommy Belly Buttons a PSA. Sure wearing them is great, but for the Nguyens, it’s also about sharing the message and spreading awareness about the issue. “If more people talk about it, then it eventually becomes part of the cultural conversation,” says Liem Nguyen. “And the more top of mind it is for commuters, the more likely they'll offer their seat for an expectant mommy.” We sure hope so.

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