Pregnancy is an exciting time, filled with images of a tiny, cute baby. But before you can get there, you have to look at your body transform into something you never thought possible. That’s why it’s important that you still feel like yourself during this period of fluctuation. Creating a pregnancy closet will help smooth out this bumpy but beautiful ride.

Learning how to maintain your sense of individual style while still being comfortable can help. That’s not so hard these days because we have plenty of great maternity options to make the transition easy peezy. The first step is transforming your closet into one that holds various stylish options for you to choose from over the next 9 months.

Now don’t go throwing away your old clothing just yet. Just put it in a separate area at the back of your closet so it’s not staring back at you every morning reminding you of what was. Keep the following maternity wardrobe items up front and center where you can easily see and access them every day.