As you may already know, pregnancy has a tendency to make you hyper-aware of things you may not have ever thought twice about previously. Suddenly you’re wondering about what you’re ingesting, what piece of furniture will give your kid a concussion and learning about things like BPA, phthalates and, well, more things you can’t pronounce. Luckily, we have people like Paige Wolf on this earth. Now on her second bump, she’s done the hard work for us and dedicated her career to helping others create a greener lifestyle. We quickly fell in love with the author of Spit That Out not only for running a certified B company, Paige Wolf Media and Public Relations, but mostly for being honest and telling us how much she hates being pregnant.

Here, she tells us more.

How would you describe your maternity style?

Lazy. No, seriously. I refused to buy anything new for this pregnancy and almost all of my maternity clothes are for spring and summer. So I have been sticking out the long winter with a coat that doesn’t button, some super stretchy black leggings, and a handful of tunics. You would not see me and say, “Now there goes a fashionable pregnant woman.” I’ll be fashionable again when I can see my feet.

Do you have a go-to maternity brand or non-maternity brand that has been belly-friendly? One of my favorite brands in general is SAVA, a made-in-Philly sustainable brand. She (SAVA’s designer, Sarah Van Aken) helped me find a few things that fit beautifully over my giant belly and will still look great after I lose the baby weight! I think she uses miracle fabrics.

How has this pregnancy treated you? Honestly. I probably hate being pregnant more than anyone I’ve ever met. I have been so lucky to have two relatively easy pregnancies but that doesn’t stop me from complaining. This time around I have had nausea, and have it even now in my seventh month, but fortunately there is great medication to ease the symptoms. I tend to carry very big despite continuing to do CrossFit workouts 3-4 times per week. Fortunately most of the weight is confined to my belly and boobs so far. But then again, I can’t exactly see my thighs.

How is being pregnant in Philadelphia unlike being pregnant in other cities? Having not been pregnant anywhere else, I’m not sure! But I can tell you that living in a super-walkable city is wonderful. I am forced to get exercise every day just by walking to preschool, meetings, the gym, and the market. However I do miss riding my bike! Philly has also become a growing resource for families as more and more decide to stay in the city. We are surrounded by fantastic playgrounds, preschools, playspaces, pediatricians – lots of things that begin with “p!”

What are your favorite eco-friendly products for newborns? I converted to cloth diapering with my first baby after I discovered the ease of the diaper service, so good all-in-one cloth diapers are a must. It’s also a necessary investment to buy a good electronic breast pump and a hands-free nursing bra so you can work while you pump!

We know you run a certified B corporation (wow!) but how eco-friendly is your home? My motto is that perfect is unattainable, but better is always possible. So my home is a work in progress. For instance, every time we think we’ve eliminated all the BPA and Teflon from our kitchen, we discover that we’ve actually been using toxic measuring cups for over a decade. Our cleaning and personal care products are pretty much 100 percent eco-friendly at this point, and much of our furniture is secondhand. We started out with a much greener selection of toys than we have now – after our son stopped putting things in his mouth we eased up on accepting questionable gifts. That will be a challenge with the new baby coming, but I am sure my son won’t be letting her share much of his stuff anyway!

What are your favorite children's shops in Philadelphia? I try to buy almost everything I need secondhand, so I do most of my shopping on Craigslist, Ebay, Etsy, or through community bulletin boards. There is a great playspace and boutique called NEST with some beautiful, eco-friendly items, and another shop called Ali’s Wagon with green goods and parenting resources.