Baby-making doesn’t always come easy. It can feel stressful instead of spontaneous. It can feel like a chore instead of an act of love and passion. And that’s totally normal!

We’re confident that if you and your partner can communicate with one another and keep your sense of humor intact throughout your conception journey, you’ll do just fine.

You’re going to need that sense of humor throughout pregnancy and parenthood, so why not strengthen it now?! ?

You know you’re trying to conceive when...

1. You’re powerless against Amazon Prime.

When you buy a jumbo pack of ovulation test strip/pregnancy test strip combo packs from Amazon and think, That’s not enough. Should I add it to my monthly subscribe-and-save?

We’re not judging.

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2. Your nights are heating up...

...with dreams of a slightly elevated temp in the morning. Or not really “dreams,” per se, because you stay awake wondering what your exact temperature will be when you take it in a few hours.

Is it time yet??

3. Your partner asks if you’re ovulating before getting into bed.

Sex or sleep: Which am I supposed to do? This is what your partner wonders now before bed. So he simply checks in every night by saying, “Are you ovulating right now, or am I allowed to go to sleep?”

Sexy. ???

4. You’re always telling yourself not to worry.

The many times you’ve said, “Okay, I’m not going to worry about it anymore. I’m just going to let it happen....”

Easier said than done, am I right?

5. You’re trying new positions (in a way...).

Like lying with your legs up after sex. Welcome to the new post-sex norm.

Hey, it may work!

6. The Big O has a new meaning.

The “O” references ovulation now, instead of the previously more important “O” word...

Oreos, obviously.

7. You’re perfecting your ? face.

When you see another Facebook post announcing a pregnancy, you can’t control it—your eyes start to roll. Yes, you still give it a heart... and then immediately look for some Ben & Jerry’s.

You’re not not happy. You’re just ready for your own announcement.

8. You say to your husband, “STOP RIGHT THERE!”

You make your husband turn around as he’s heading out the door for work, because it’s time.

Drop your pants, honey—let’s make a baby.

9. You want to say to everyone else, “Leave me alone!”

You secretly curse every person who asks, “When are you going to have kids already?!”

Lay off me, Aunt Debra—I’m trying!

10. You have a whole new relationship with pregnancy tests...

The single line on your pregnancy test once brought you a big sigh of relief. Now it’s your arch enemy.

➕➕ We want the plus! We want the plus! ➕➕

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