You're almost there! You've got this, mama.

Whether you'll miss being pregnant or you're totally over it—that's okay, because that beautiful little bundle of joy will be resting in your arms before you know it.

But as you inch closer to those contractions, you or your partner may be feeling nervous about labor or scared to bring a newborn home. We'd like to tell you that this is normal and everything is going to be just fine. ?

Why? Well here are 5 great reasons.

1. You're prepared

You have some clothes, a place for the baby to sleep, diapers, wipes, blankets, a car seat, breast milk or formula to feed them, etc. If you don't—you can figure it out. Order from Amazon or ask a friend or loved one to run out for you guys. You'll get what you need.

2. You can check in with each other

Check in with your partner to see how they are feeling and vice versa. This is a big event and transition in your lives—it's okay to be a little nervous or unsure. It's even okay to freak out (we all do!). But just make sure you communicate your feelings with your partner.

Ask each other—What are you excited about? What makes you nervous? What do you think he will look like? What do you think she will be like?

3. Your body was meant to do this

Our bodies were made to give birth, ladies. They know what to do. Trust your body, trust yourself and trust this process. Focus, breathe, stay calm. Labor is a short period of time—a blip on the radar scale of your life when you really think about it. You can get through it. You'll be face-to-face with your baby SO soon.

It's exciting, and wonderful and miraculous!

4. You have a team in place

Whether you're giving birth in a hospital, in a birth center or at home, whether you have a doctor or midwife, whether you have a doula or not—you have trained professionals that will be guiding you along the way. You've met these people many times throughout the course of your pregnancy and you trust them.

You're all on a team together—team get-your-baby-out-safely.

5. You have love to give

You guys will be amazing, thoughtful parents. It won't be perfect all the time and it's a learn-on-the-job type gig. In your heart, you know this stuff. You will feel confident some days, and like you just landed in a foreign country on other days.

It's all part of the ride and we'll get through it together. You're on #TeamMotherly after all. ?

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