New York City women are pretty resilient. We’ve got that whole “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere”-thing going on...and that goes double for motherhood. But even the toughest of us sometimes need a little pick-me-up on those days when we’re tempted to pick up and move to the burbs -- a little reminder that if she can do it, so can I. For me and so many other mamas, that she is Brianne Manz of Stroller in the City. With her totally covetable wardrobe, and her how-did-she-get-that hair, it’s hard to imagine this super-chic New Yorker having a kid...or two, or three -- all under 5 years old, no less. And you need only scroll through a few blog posts or check out her Instagram feed to see that those beautiful kids (Ryder, 5, Siella, 2, and Gemma, 9 months) are just as put together and gorgeous as she is. In her pre-mama life, Brianne owned a fashion showroom, so it’s no surprise her blog regularly shows off her kids in the coolest clothes around. And since her blog identity is all about city living, it’s her job (literally) to show off those adorable kids in those adorable clothes all around town. From movie premieres to private lessons at the NYC Ballet, “the blog forces me to go and experience New York City the way a tourist would,” she says. “Without the blog, I don’t think I would do as much with my kids -- or even attempt it. We’re really living to the fullest and taking advantage of everything we can.” Not that it’s easy. “When you have three kids,” she says, “there’s always someone crying. Always.” We visited Brianne’s Battery Park City apartment on a recent morning with the talented photographer Desiree Walters to check out how this downtown mama pulls it all together -- with style -- each day. 5:45am -- Gemma starts to wake. I usually get her first, and take her into my bed and nurse her. 6:15am -- Ryder and Siella are up. (All the kids share a room.) 6:45am -- All three eat breakfast. I am usually a short-order cook, making anything from pancakes to eggs, or simply pouring a bowl of cereal. They are also huge fans of yogurt. 7am -- While they have breakfast I make Ryder's lunch. I try to sip my coffee during the craziness, and look over my phone for emails, etc. 7:30am -- I pick out their clothes and start getting them dressed. 7:45am -- Time to brush teeth. 8am -- I get Siella and Gemma bundled in stroller. Ry packs his lunch for school. 8:05am -- We are all out the door. Our walk to school is about 10 minutes or so. I am back around 8:30. 9am -- I leave again to take Siella to school. Photography by Desiree Walters Photography.