This week, we’ve shared some of the best strollers for real life in the city. And it doesn’t get any more real than by using our former Bump Envy beauties as test drivers. We captured their pregnancies on our site back when, and now they’re some of the newest baby experts on the streets of NYC. Since we like keeping our site, ahem, Well Rounded, we wanted these very different women to tell us how 5 of these very different strollers matched up with their lifestyles. So in case you missed it we wrapped the 5 best city strollers into one nice package for you to dive into and share with your friends. Each has a full story (and photos!) so click on through to get a good look at how it would fit into your city life. And as always, we want to hear what you think! Tell us about your favorite stroller for city life below. THE BABYZEN YOYO Mom Says: “We do a ton of traveling, since both our families live a plane ride away, and I’m always trying to find space-savers that we can take on the road. The BabyZen is luxe enough to be my city stroller too, meaning one less baby product taking up space that I don’t have.” THE BUGABOO BUFFALO Mom Says: “As a mom constantly on the go, I look for a stroller that’s lightweight and comfortable to push around all day, a stroller that can roll smoothly onto the ferry to Dumbo and not squeak as we stroll through the Impressionist wing at the Met. This stroller moves smoothly while allowing your wrists and back to be comfortable–and best of all, your baby is pampered in a beautiful, roomy and shaded, cushioned bassinet. I’d go so far as to say this stroller is ergonomic perfection. Who wouldn’t want their baby to have the smoothest ride possible? It’s just an added plus that all your groceries can fit underneath.” THE BRITAX AFFINITY Mom Says: “The air-filled tires made for a super smooth ride and was incredibly easy to maneuver. I also loved the leather-like trim on the handle–it reminded me of a chic sports car!” THE MACLAREN MARK II Mom Says: “The generous sunshade on this stroller really impressed me, and it was super lightweight. I could definitely see myself running around town with this stroller. I also loved the bright orange color!” THE ORBIT G3 Mom Says: “The orbit was such a luxurious ride. I loved taking my newborn out in it. What most impressed me was how intuitive the Orbit’s design was. Wondering how to turn the seat around, I put my hands where I felt they should go, and lo and behold, a click and it was done. Joy! When I wanted to remove the belly bar, my hands instinctively went to a certain spot, and there was the mechanism. Click. Done. The design is so smart that way, and the execution of each function is so easy. That easy organic nature is the greatest luxury of all for a busy mom on the go.” Also, thanks again to our friends at Frolic! for opening up their doors for our mamas. Photography by Kristy May Photography.