Name: Michelle Mason

Baby: Griffin, 8 months

Stroller Pick: Maclaren Mark II

Why: One of the biggest fears we hear from our pregnant friends is that they’ll never be able to get around the city the same way they did pre-baby. We admit, we were terrified about that too. And then we discovered Maclaren. A pioneer in umbrella strollers for nearly 50 years, Maclaren upped their game this year with the Maclaren Mark II ($195), which at 7.3 lbs, probably weighs less than your handbag. Possibly even much less. Of course, even the lightest stroller in the world (which this is) is no good if it doesn’t keep baby safe and comfortable. Luckily, Maclaren’s thought of all that, with features like a 5-point harness, extra shock absorption, a mesh paneled seat to keep baby cool, and a massive waterproof hood (with a peak-a-boo window). There’s also a seat liner, footmuff and raincover option to keep you and baby on the go around the city no matter what the weather. Possibly our fave feature? Super-soft antimicrobial grips that are nine times more comfortable than ordinary grips. Can we trade in our handbag please?

Mom Says: The generous sunshade on this stroller really impressed me, and it was super lightweight. I could definitely see myself running around town with this stroller. I also loved the bright orange color!

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Also, thanks to our friends at Frolic! for opening up their doors for our mamas.

Photography by Kristy May Photography.