Name: Marisa

Baby: Zara, 4.5 months

Stroller Pick: Orbit G3

Why: It seems like right after Baby Number One has graduated the newborn stage, the question, "So when are you having Baby Number Two?" starts rolling off of people's tongues. Until you actually have another (or don't). If you're anything like us, it’s the logistics that trip you up. Like the thought of a double stroller. Yikes. Except the Orbit G3 gives you breathing room. You can purchase a stroller for Baby Number One now, with the prospect of Baby Number Two in the future. Not only does it allow for the addition of not just one but two Sidekick boards, but in can easily convert into a double. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there are plenty of reasons you and Baby Number One will love the G3 all on your own, like 60-second car seat installation, a one-handed stroller fold and built-in cup holders. Luxury. And because Orbit knows that each parent--especially in New York--has his or her own vibe going on, the Orbit G3 is completely customizable in its range of products, storage offerings and color options.

Mom Says: "The orbit was such a luxurious ride. I loved taking my newborn out in it. What most impressed me was how intuitive the Orbit's design was. Wondering how to turn the seat around, I put my hands where I felt they should go, and lo and behold, a click and it was done. Joy! When I wanted to remove the belly bar, my hands instinctively went to a certain spot, and there was the mechanism. Click. Done. The design is so smart that way, and the execution of each function is so easy. That easy organic nature is the greatest luxury of all for a busy mom on the go."

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Also, thanks to our friends at Frolic! for opening up their doors for our mamas.

Photography by Kristy May Photography.