For a city mom who’s on the go, the strength of your stroller can make or break your day. At Tribeca’s chicest baby shop, Babesta Cribz, owner Jennifer Cattaui reminds future mamas to be strategic about strolling. What’s your day going to be like? Are you in an elevator building or a walk up? Where are all of your daily activities -- classes, mom groups, or the pediatrician? Do you have a car in the city or will you be in and out of the subway? “Mostly we find that city babies stay relatively local, so in the end, a stroller with great construction, great wheels, quality manufacturing, easy to get parts and great customer service wins,” she says.

For newborns, a stroller with car seat compatibility is a must, but dependability is truly the holy grail. Says Cattaui: “We hear a lot of people say, ‘I don’t want [a particular] stroller because everyone has it. I want to be unique!’ We say, be unique with your hair style, music and clothing. With your stroller, you want stylish reliability.”

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