You’ll never forget your baby’s first birthday (even if, okay, he probably won’t remember it). ?

That first year always flies by too fast, so here are 10 gift ideas you’ll both treasure for the next year—

1. Melissa and Doug Wooden Blocks

image 3212

Help your little one start building big dreams from their very first birthday. These classic wooden blocks are made from solid wood and come in a wooden carry and storage box. The impressive construction features soft edges (perfect for mouthy babies), and the 60-piece set offers endless opportunities to inspire your budding architect. Plus, the light wood color fits every home’s aesthetic—meaning you won’t mind seeing them scattered all over your living room.

Pro Tip: When your little gets a bit older, putting the blocks back into the box becomes a fun puzzle as they make sure all the pieces fit.


2. Labebe Toddler Activity Walker

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If your little one has started taking their first shaky steps, a doll stroller is the perfect gift to provide a bit more stability as they work on their skills. And don’t think strollers are just for girls—this gender neutral option is great for encouraging maternal feelings toward dolls (or potential future siblings!) or for little collectors that love to collect and transport blocks, cars, and books around the house.

Pro tip: The wooden structure of the Labebe pram will last for years, but consider a lighter umbrella version (like this Castle Toys Umbrella Doll Stroller) for travel.


3. Personalized Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn

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Give your child the gift of their own place to lounge. This comfy version from Pottery Barn is great as a special reading chair and perfect for keeping out in family spaces—just choose a fabric that matches your existing décor.

Pro tip: The covers remove easily and are machine-washable, so you don’t have to stress about Christmas cookie crumbs.


4. Micro Mini 3-in-1 Scooter

image 3215

Our co-founder dubbed this scooter her “most favorite of all” gifts for new toddlers. This scooter grows with your child, starting with a seated version and adapting to standing as she grows—it’s the only scooter you will need until at least age 5! It’s incredibly well made, comes in a variety of colors, and the gliding and steering are effortless. Don’t forget to get a helmet, too!

Pro-tip: The Scoot ‘n’ Pull strap is the best accessory because it lets you pull your child when they get too tired to scoot or simply keep them nearby as your navigate streets and crosswalks.


5. Infantino Soft Blocks

image 3216

Let your infant shake, rattle, and roll with a set of soft, textured blocks that encourage development. The variety of textures, rattles, and handles hold a baby’s attention and encourage skills like grabbing, shaking, and dropping while introducing colors, letters, and numbers.

Pro tip: Introduce the blocks one at a time, then switch when your baby gets bored.


6. Table with Chairs

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Create the perfect place for crafts, puzzles, tea parties, and dining. Little ones can’t resist the perfectly sized chairs, perfect for climbing onto to demonstrate independence. And this set is sturdy—it will serve your family until your child is at least five.


7. The Little Engine That Could

image 311

Books are always a great choice for gifts, and The Little Engine That Could is an even better option because it also helps to develop language skills. Plus, it’s a gift for you too when you consider the hours of snuggly reading time you have ahead of you.

Pro tip: Studies have shown that creating positive connotations around reading early in life has a positive effect on a child’s love of reading later on.


8. Wooden Play Kitchen

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Even if your child is too little to pretend cook in their kitchen, a play set is the perfect choice to encourage imaginative play and keep their little hands occupied for hours. (Think of how much they like to open your cabinets and take everything out!) This wooden version can be updated over time with new accessories for an ever-evolving set.

Pro tip: Use extra play food sets to stuff their stocking or give as other gifts throughout the year.


9. Learning Resources Shape Sorting Cupcakes

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These toys aren’t just useful for learning basic shapes and colors. They can promote problem-solving skills, symbolic play, and foster language development through interaction with you, mama! What will your little babe love even more than toys for his birthday? Play time with you, of course!

Pro-tip: This charming sorter can also sub in for imaginary play with a play kitchen…you know, like the one we recommended above ?


10. Minimoc Moccasins

image 3220

These sweet kicks are the ultimate choice for newly mobile babies. They’re super well made from buttery soft leather for a comfy fit your kid will actually want to wear. And an elastic band around the ankle thwarts any attempts at kicking them off while riding around in the stroller—no more lost baby shoes!

Pro tip: The mocs are great for indoor and outdoor wear, but add a pair of cozy tights or socks for extra warmth.


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