There were moments while I was pregnant that I thought about cloth diapering. It seemed like the best thing to do for theenvironment, and with all the studies about the toxins in disposable diapers I began reading about, I also realized that it would probably be best for baby too. But while the concern of chemicals was real, the concern that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with laundry was also very real. With no washer/dryer in my building I just wasn’t ready to make that commitment. And now after having a baby, I hold cloth diapering mamas at saint-status because I can hardly keep up with laundry sans dirty diapers.

Still, it’s possible to find a little bit of a middle ground. The hospital may hand us a preferred disposable diaper brand when that baby comes out, but that doesn’t mean that it’s best or that you can’t make a decision you’re more comfortable with. They're not perfect, but there are greener disposable diapers available that will help you sleep better at night knowing that baby (and the earth) is not being exposed to harmful chemicals like chlorine, synthetic fragrances, phthalates and more.

While no one diaper is best for every family here are the 5 making the top of our green disposable list.

1. Best performance


Bambo has the best performance out there of all the green diapers. Meaning no nighttime diapers necessary. While it is not the best economical choice, it is the number one choice for the environment--this compostable diaper has a Nordic Swan Eco label and it’s also a Healthy Child Healthy World partner.

2. Best Vision

Naty by Nature Babycare

Naty believes that natural materials are kinder on your baby, contributing to fewer allergic problems and skin irritation. They also believe in a natural approach and a mother's choice. Made in Sweden, Naty is 80% biodegradable and an easy company to get behind.

3. Best Price Point

Earth’s Best

Earth’s Best diapers rank high in absorption and low in chemicals. For the quality of diaper, they’re also easy on your pockets.

4. Best Style and Convenience

The Honest Company

Honest made its footprint in the baby industry almost 2 years ago now. The company works hard to bring their customers a non-toxic diaper with style. Literally. Honest prints are ridiculously cute and having a diaper/wipe bundle delivered to your door each month makes life way easier.

5. Best Household Brand

Seventh Generation

Pregnancy is the best time to start switching over to non-toxic products. Since this trusted brand is one you’ll probably start collecting in every room of your home, you may want to stick with what you know when it comes to diapering too.