What is it about those first few outings with a brand new baby that is so stressful? (Oh, right, that floppy little neck and the untested immune system might have something to do with it.) But don’t worry, mama! Making a break for it is totally safe for baby — and it just might save your sanity, too.

Here are 7 products that will help make the trip go smoothly from your baby’s first days and beyond—

1. For the brand-new baby: Beluga Baby Wrap

Designed to mimic a womblike environment, the Beluga Baby Wrap is made from super-soft bamboo cotton that keeps your newborn close and swaddled no matter where the day takes you. The machine-washable fabric is strong enough to provide a snug fit for babies up to 30 pounds but stretchy enough to create a comfortable fit for you and your little one. Plus, did you know carried babies cry about 43 percent less? BRB, we have some shopping to do.

Pro tip: To ensure a safe carry, keep the wrap tied tight enough so that your baby is always within kissing distance.


2. When they can hold that head up: Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier

When your baby starts to get more curious about the world around them, it’s time to switch to a sturdier carrier. We love the Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier for its ergonomic design and how it can switch from inward and outward front carriers, hip carries, and back carries. Plus, the supportive waistband and padded shoulder straps keep the ride comfy for you too.

Pro tip: Use the tuck-away baby hood to keep sleeping little ones snug and protected from the elements.


3. When they’re ready for a view: Summer Infant 3D Tote Convenience Stroller

Ready for a stroller that can actually carry all your stuff? The Summer Infant 3D Tote Convenience Stroller features a huge under basket and helpful diaper bag clips on the handles for your bag. It also has a carry strap, meaning you can fold it up and carry it on your shoulder (perfect for getting through an airport gate check without too much fuss).

Pro tip: That diaper bag full of snacks, wipes, and toys? Be sure to remove it from the handlebars before lifting out your baby to prevent tipping.


4. To carry all the things: Skip*Hop Greenwich Backpack Diaper Bag

When your diaper bag is this chic, it’s not even a chore to carry. (And only you’ll know it’s filled with Cheerios and a million baby wipes.) Made from durable vegan leather and boasting a streamlined look, the Greenwich bag also included stroller straps, an insulated bottle pocket, and a cushioned changing pad for pit stops. Carry on, mama.

Pro tip: The back compartment is big enough to hold a laptop for working sessions at the park, or use it as a dedicated changing section to keep dirty items away from the snacks.


5. So they can help carry all the things: Lassig Little Monsters Backpack

Oh, the blessed day when your little one can finally start carrying some of their own junk! And when the carrying case is this cute, you might not even have to ask. Lassig’s new line of Little Monsters bags feature charming faces and a host of pockets to store everything your child needs at the park, a sleepover, or for school. Meaning you just might be able to fit some of your own stuff in your purse now.

Pro tip: Reflective material on the monsters’ eyes and fangs will help keep your child safe during dusk-time travels.


6. For spill-free sips: Munchkin Click Lock Sippy Cup

There are few things worse than tossing a full sippy cup in your diaper bag only to find it has leaked on everything by the time you make it to your destination. (Okay, diaper blowouts are worse. But just a little.) But that nightmare is officially over thanks to the Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Flexi-Straw cup. Once that lid clicks? Leaks don’t stand a chance. And the weighted straw makes it easy for your baby to drink no matter where their adventures take them.

Pro tip: The cup is top-rack dishwasher safe, but you’ll want to use the included cleaning straw to remove any gunk lurking in the flexible straw.


7. When you want to take it to-go: Munchie Mug

When you hear a product was designed by parents fed up with the other options on the market, you can almost guarantee it’s going to be awesome. Case in point, the Munchie Mug, a BPA-, PVC-, lead-, phthalate-, and latex-free snack cup with a stay-fresh lid that prevents spills. The mug is big enough for kids to open their hands inside it (so they can actually grab the snacks they crave), and the opening is made from soft fabric so it’s gentle on little hands.

Pro tip: Did we mention it’s top-rack dishwasher safe? Come on, you know parents would never let you down.


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