A lot of attention is placed on trying to conceive and the nine months of pregnancy, but there's so much to think about when it comes to postpartum life. We're talking about those few months right after baby arrives. When you're in the throes of newborn life, going through a stockpile of mesh panties and adjusting to another member of the family. But, you just brought a human into this world (!!!) and deserve to find ways to relax with baby and enjoy these precious (okay, running-on-no-sleep) moments.

Our team compiled some of our favorite products that help with just that. Whether you need to take a minute for yourself or need physical relief from postpartum healing, we've got you, mama.

LAKE pima robe

lake pima robe

In those first few weeks postpartum, you might not want to leave the house. When you can't fathom throwing on real clothes, this robe will be your new best friend. Made of the softest Pima cotton, it's gentle against baby's skin and somehow gets better every time you wash it. (Which, to be honest, might be a lot.)


Earth Mama herbal perineal spray

Earth Mama herbal perineal spray

Can we get real for a sec? After a vaginal birth, you might wonder if anything in your mesh undies will ever feel normal again. I promise you it will. But in the meantime, this spray is a gift from the goddesses. Packed with naturally healing and soothing ingredients like witch hazel, cucumber, organic lavender and organic peppermint leaf oil in a convenient spray bottle that can even mist upside down, it provides much-need relief any time of day. Pro-tip: Keep it in the fridge. Just trust me.


GLOWE compression leggings

glowe maternity leggings

After giving birth, it can often feel as though your insides are a little, um, rearranged? And while there's definitely a period of time you need to let it all hang out, eventually it feels good to pull everything back together. These compression leggings are essentially leggings with a built-in belly wrap and can help alleviate back pain and sciatica, strengthen core muscles weakened during pregnancy, support your belly and waist, encourage better posture–and look amazing while doing it.


Evereden multi-purpose healing balm

Evereden multi-purpose healing balm

Made from just five simple organic oils, this multi-purpose balm might just become your new BFF. It's perfect for soothing everything from chafed nipples and lips to diaper rash. Slip one in your robe pocket, keep one on your night stand and at your changing table. You'll never want to be without it.


Proof leak-proof undies

Proof leak-proof undies

When your stash of hospital-grade mesh panties runs out, these are the confidence-boosting undies you need, mama. Constructed with an innovative and absorbent multi-layer Leak-Loc™ system, they're ideal for postpartum leaks of all kinds and still manage to look like regular panties.


Belly Bandit c-section recovery briefs

belly bandit c-section recovery briefs

Recovering from a c-section takes a lot out of you, mama. If that's what you're managing, a pair of undies that gently care for your scar are a must-have. This high-waisted pair from Belly bandit lays flat and gentle against your scar and silver-infused fibers help eliminate bacteria and odor.


Frida Mom postpartum recovery essentials kit

frida mom postpartum recovery kit

While you can take all of the mesh panties from wherever you gave birth, this kit is designed to provide you with everything you need to provide relief during bathroom trips after birth. It comes with healing foam, cooling pad liners and ice maxi pads. Plus, a toilet-top storage so everything is exactly where you need it.


Tot Squad sleep consultation

tot squad sleep consultation

You've probably never contemplated sleep more in your life than you are right now, right? If you're struggling or just looking for some support on swaddling, getting on a schedule, or co-sleeping safely, there are experts that can help—without ever having to leave home. Tot Squad connects you with experts for private video chats to address your personal goals and challenges.


Calm app

calm app

While you likely won't be getting as much sleep as before baby, you can prioritize making those few moments of shut eye quality. Calm offers an array of calming sounds and mediations for sleep, quiet time and even stretching. Each track is created to help you relax or sleep. Bonus: There's white noise on there, too—perfect for baby. You can try a 7-day free trial, then it's $59.99 annually after.


M.M.LaFleur morandi sweater

mm la fluer morandi sweater

We know just how difficult it can be to find clothing that makes you feel, well, you postpartum. So we created a capsule with M.M.LaFleur to offer you pieces that actually work for your changing body. This sweater might just be our favorite. It's versatile enough to wear year-round whether you're cozying up at home or heading back to the office.


Equlibria relief cream

equilibria relief cream

After having a baby, you need to take time to recover. This transdermal cream can sink below the skin into tissue and beyond providing you with real relief for aches and pains. Mamas share that they use on their abdominal area to help ease uterine or ovarian pain. It's comprised of full spectrum hemp flower oil, coconut oil, shea butter, lavender, rosemary, arnica, and menthol. Tip: Speak with your doctor before using CBD products to ensure it's safe for you and baby.


Bravado Designs the body silk seamless nursing bra

Bravado Designs the body silk seamless nursing bra

If you're nursing your little one, you *need* a comfortable and supportive bra. Bravado Designs combined wireless comfort and support with removable foam insert that provide shape and discretion to create a nursing bra you'll actually want to wear.. It has stretch fabric that adapts to every change in your size (because let's be real, there will be many changes), and easy clip clasps for one-handed freedom.


BABYBJÖRN bouncer bliss

babybjorn bliss bouncer

Taking care of yourself is dependent on being able to actually put your baby down. Classic for a reason, the simple bouncer from Baby Bjorn has given mamas a safe and cozy place to put their babies for decades. Go on. Take that bath. Enjoy your workout (or ice cream on the couch-your choice!) They'll be fine.


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