9 must-haves that celebrate postpartum bodies—and make us feel seen

For the 40-some weeks of pregnancy, your body is constantly transforming to accommodate a sweet, rapidly growing baby. Then just as you get a grasp on your maternity style, everything changes as you enter the strange new land of life with a postpartum body.

She looks a lot like you, only now with the unfamiliar side-effects that accompany the experiences of postpartum healing, breastfeeding and sleepless nights.

But don't you question it for a second, mama: Your postpartum body is one of a super woman—and it deserves to be treated that way.

We rounded up our eight favorite products for inspiring confidence in your beautiful, strong, miraculous postpartum body.

4. A (stylish) way to free up your hands

Not only does keeping your little one close in a wrap allow you to get an instant endorphin boost whenever you pause to caress that angel-soft hair, but it also also frees up both hands—which is why this wrap truly has our hearts.

The brilliance of the design is its simplicity: The long strip of flexible fabric allows for a custom fit with each wear. You'll also get the hang of putting it on yourself in no time, unlike some other carriers with hard-to-reach buckles. Not to mention the wraps are so beautiful you won't hesitate to get in the frame of pictures with your baby.

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