You may have noticed that keeping women (pregnant mamas-to-be in particular) informed about what they’re putting on their skin ranks high at the top our list. And while green beauty once had a stigma for being subpar, time and time again we’ve been shown that safe beauty not only matches but often surpasses the quality of unconscious beauty brands.

Rahua, founded by soon-to-be mom Anna Ayers in 2008, continues to raise the bar. “As a mom-to-be I feel a responsibility in making healthy choices for the next generation, creating new standards and setting a positive example by selecting natural products that are safe for our body and Mother Nature,” says Ayers. “I am so proud to create natural products that are healthy and safe for pregnant women and now thinking about products for little ones too.”

Here’s how this trusted beauty expert curates her pregnancy beauty bag.

Photography by Stylish & Hip Kids Photography