I say this basically for every age, but five might be my favorite. Their whole personalities start to shine. We've seen their personality traits at every stage until now, but 5-year-olds are fun because they are just so thoroughly them. You can have serious and silly conversations. You can have hard truths slung your way and knock-knock jokes that make no sense. And above all, they know what they want and they will tell you.

This makes picking out gifts both harder and easier. Because they can also change their mind on a dime and the thing that was beloved before might not be anymore.

Well, we're here to make things easy by sharing our favorite holiday gifts for five-year-olds. There's something here for every kid!

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy.



1. Found It! Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Keep them busy while also sharpening their observational skills with this low-lift (on your part!) scavenger hunt game. Each of the 50 cards contains a two-part prompt that sends them on a mission to find things like “a picture of an animal” or “something that smells good.” It’s quick and easy to play with just a parent and kiddo or a whole crew.

iridescent scooter muffs

7am Enfant


2. Kids Unicorn Scooter Warmmuffs

Scooter riding is all fun and games until someone’s hands get too cold. Keep them gliding whine-free with the coolest winter accessory we’ve ever seen. The toasty warm, water-repellent scooter muffs from the always stylish 7am Enfant stay fixed to the handle bars to they can cruise no matter what the weather may bring. And you? You’ll never have to hunt down a lost mitten again.

cardboard cash register toy set

Sago Mini


3. Sago Mini Box

Engaging screen-free playtime that doesn’t add to the plastic clutter? YES PLEASE. The clever paper-based play kits from the adorable Sago Mini provide hours of open-ended fun that tucks neatly back inside the box when they’re done. The subscription-based boxes center around a monthly theme like “forest,” “fairy tale,” or “planes,” along with make + play activities to keep them engaged in a variety of ways.



4. Green Dollhouse

This is the stuff my Instagram dreams are made of. And by “my” I mean my kid’s, of course. This modern dollhouse is minimalist but that doesn’t stop your little’s imagination. I love that it’s all classic wood and clean lines. Plus it makes my eco-friendly heart pitter-patter with the solar panels and wind turbines. It’s not your grandma’s dollhouse, but it is a family heirloom in the making.

Kid Pik


5. Holiday Gift Box

If you’ve got a budding fashionista on your hands, they’re guaranteed to love the rad selections from Kidpik. Choose from a variety of fabulously curated boxes that contain everything they need to look fresh from head-to-toe. What’s easier and more fashionable than that?

Prices start at $56.



6. Ready-to-Roll Kickball Set

This is meant to be an outdoor toy, but for those cold winter months, I can see savvy parents setting this up in a basement or bonus room. I was not a sporty kid but kickball was one of those games I thoroughly enjoyed playing and I bet your 5-year-old will too. This set comes with everything you need in a handy bucket that’s great for both storage and portability.




7. Rainbow Pack

What is Clixo? Well, a better question might be what isn’t it? A flexible, magnetic and modern-twist on building toys, Clixo sets invite kids to create any 2D or 3D structures they can dream up. The pieces, which are made from a durable and eco-friendly material they can bend and twist, feature secure magnets at the ends that click together with an impressive hold. From robots and jewelry to purses and rocket ships, the sky’s the limit on what they create!



8. LeapReader

Learning to read can be exciting, but also totally overwhelming. LeapFrog has tons of toys to help make the process fun, but this is one of our favorites. When paired with LeapFrog’s library of great books, the LeapReader stylus can help when they get stuck, reading any word they tap with it and also uncover hidden sounds and facts throughout the pages. This particular set gets them started with 10 fresh titles they’ll want to read again and again.



9. 20-Piece Doctor's Kit

This gives you everything your little one needs to make sure the whole family is healthy. I love that the medical kit holds 9 sturdy tools—all made out of wood—from a thermometer to a stethoscope. This set is made to last through hundreds of “doctor’s appointments.”



10. Scribble Scrubbies

There’s something about coloring on things that aren’t paper that’s oh-so-appealing to kids. Give them an opportunity to do just that with Crayola’s Scribble Scrubbies. The creatures can be colored, washed and colored again to keep the fun going. This set is a stand out not only because of that adorable baby dragon, but because the bath has a real working sprayer to help get everyone squeaky clean.



11. Disney Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Tiana's Storybook Adventures

Perfect for LEGO play on-the-go, this 130-piece building set features all their favorite Disney Princesses and a two-sided castle that folds up inside.



12. Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

Let the imagination flow with this LEGO set! Your kiddo can come up with endless possibilities thanks to this 484-piece box of blocks. It’s sure to keep them (and you, don’t lie) busy for hours.



13. Stress Ball

While this is definitely a kid’s toy, some parents might find themselves reaching for this as well since, you know, the past two years have been A LOT for everyone. It’s a great sensory experience for anyone who is worried. They can just squeeze, punch and smoosh their anxiety away.



14. Playing Cards Library

This is a classic set of card games that every child need during their childhood. They’re great for the whole family, including older and younger siblings!



15. Llama Fleece Throw Blanket And Pillow

This will become a beloved set for anyone who wants to be cozy on the go—even for kiddos who don’t formally nap anymore. The unicorn pillow is the perfect space to lay down a little head and the blanket is so incredibly soft and warm. Perfect for bringing in the car or leaving at their grandparent’s house.



16. Three Little Piggies

This is a board game and puzzle in one. The set comes with a Three Little Pigs storybook and booklet that has 48 different challenges that will help your kiddo think about space planning and problem-solving all in one.



17. Flip Bot

This one is for all our STEM kiddos out there. They can take this toy and build multiple types of vehicles from the parts and then watch as their creation races around the house. If you buy two, they can be used to race against each other!



18. Glow-In-The-Dark Tree Lights Alpargatas

What makes sneakers even better? When they glow in the dark! I love these super fun kicks because they also help your kiddo’s need for independence sine they can pull these on and off all by themselves.

Amazon Basics


19. Wearable Pirate Blanket

I love a good multi-tasker and this wearable blanket is such fun because it’s a costume and a cozy blanket at the same time. The hood looks like a fun pirate’s hat and the corners have little “hooks” you can cover your hands with. And when the fun is over, they can wrap themselves up in their costume and take a quick snooze.



20. Little Tokyobike

This might be one of the cutest kid’s bikes I’ve ever seen. The soft and comfortable saddle can be adjusted as your little one grows, and the training wheels are removable. Each bicycle is equipped with two brakes—a front brake that is controlled by the hand and a classic coaster brake on the rear that is controlled with the feet.