We live in a big city, but our neighborhood is pretty walkable so we explore a ton (from a safe distance) with our son. At first, when he was a tiny baby, pushing a stroller around was the way to go, but that got old pretty fast. Not all places are stroller-friendly because there are so many of them out and about and, as he grew older, he wanted to explore the world a bit more. We tried getting him a scooter, but soon we realized he wasn’t ready for all that freedom (plus he needed some balance practice.)

And that’s when we found the exact thing we needed: The Doona Liki tricycle.

The Liki Trike was an immediate hit with our son, and with my partner because it was so easy to put together and it also folds up super small, which is perfect for tiny apartment living. Our son loved it because he could not only see more of the world in comparison to being tucked into a stroller, but he also gets to be a more interactive participant in our adventures, steering to where he wants to go.

Here’s what you need to know about the Liki Trike:

Liki Trike by Doona

Liki Trike S5

This tricycle grows with your child—it can be used from 10 months up to three years of age by adding or removing parts (all which are included in the initial purchase). For example, pedals can be added once your child hits 24 months and then can be unlocked for them to pedal solo once they hit 30 months. Eventually, the trike turns into a mini bike allowing children to fully control where they are going.




Nutcase helmet

Bike Helmet for Babies and Toddlers

We always make our son wear a helmet when he’s on the trike for extra precaution. The tricycle is very hard to tip over thanks to its wide wheels, but safety always comes first.




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