You might see what I do when you log onto Instagram—pictures of well-dressed kiddos playing with beautiful, open-ended wooden toys. And you might think, like I do, That's it! I just need those beautiful wooden toys to have calm children who certainly will not jump off the couch when I'm not looking or color marker all over their brand new jeans! And you might have also found yourself trying to find out what said toy is in the picture and where to buy it only to discover that the toy doesn't exist anywhere in your local stores.

Well, it doesn't have to be that hard, mama. There are actually plenty of beautiful and fun wooden toys for your baby or toddler on Amazon. You just need to know where to look. Calm, stain-free kids, here we come…😉

Here are a dozen of our favorite wooden toys you can buy on Amazon:

Push + pull elephant toy

Your 1-year-old will have a ball pulling this sweet little elephant around all over the house. Plus, it has amazing reviews.


​Wooden toy doughnuts

These are so great for imaginative play. And they're positively adorable, too. We love that the wood is durable so they can get tossed around and still hold up well.


Face puzzle

We love the endless face possibilities with this toy, and how it helps your little one with their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.


Classic wooden teething toy + rattle

This classic beauty shows that simple really can be beautiful. We love this as a perfect gender-neutral gift for any new baby.


Adorable animal puzzle

$17.99 This is such a great beginner "puzzle" for 1-year-olds and up. It helps them identify shapes, colors and animals.


Waterwaves nesting blocks

Grimms is a classic brand when it comes to wooden toys, and for good reason. They're always gorgeous, open-ended and they last forever.


Balancing blocks

We love this fun new take on classic building blocks. Your little will get a good grasp on balance and building with these. Plus, they're so pretty they almost don't look like a children's toy.


Rainbow 3D puzzle

The versatility of this puzzle will ensure endless hours of play arranging and rearranging the rainbow pieces. Love that your little can make both 2D and 3D pictures with the shapes.


Multitasking musical llama

Your little musician will have any instrument they need to make a cacophony of sounds. 😂 There's a washboard, xylophone, drumsticks, maracas and more on this pretty wooden toy.


Vintage-looking campervan set

This is such a cool and beautiful toy—you won't mind leaving it out in full display in your living room. The top opens up so your little one can put their favorite figurines in the van and drive them all to the beach. Great for imaginative play and will hold up through the test of time.


Wooden Marble Run

Marble runs are a fun way to stimulate your child's STEM skills, but they usually come with lots of plastic, brightly-colored pieces. We love that this set is made of solid beechwood and can grow with your child or be passed down to future generations.


Wooden wobble balance board

Don't let the simplicity of this toy fool you. There's so much your child can get from it—whether it's strengthening their own balancing skills or stretching their imagination. Use it for sitting, standing, laying on, as a car ramp, a slide, a bridge, a tunnel or more. The possibilities are endless.