We certainly don’t blame you if you want to spend those first few weeks cuddling up in bed with baby; suddenly, there are way more interesting things going on inside your apartment than on the city streets. But before you know it, you’ll start getting the itch to venture outdoors, and show that baby of yours why you love NYC so much. And when that time comes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn how easy it is to fill your days with the help of a few cool sites (and apps) focusing on local activities. So before the little one arrives, do a little downloading and bookmarking...and maybe even pick up a new calendar (yes, they still make those). You’re going to need it.

Red Rover

In the early days of motherhood, it’s hard to stick to any formal schedule, whether feeding, sleeping or playing. Red Rover is all about the now -- just enter your zip code, your baby’s age and select “Today,” and you’ve got a range of local fun at your fingertips. The app version makes activity-planning even easier...with just one hand, you can pick your baby’s pleasure. And in case you like to plan ahead, Red Rover also offers options for tomorrow, the weekend and upcoming dates by calendar.

Well Rounded NY pick: The ABC of It: Why Children's Books Matter, The New York Public Library, Ongoing through March 2014

Kidz Central Station

Once baby arrives, it’s just a matter of time before everyone you know starts asking what classes you’ve signed up for. For a 2-month-old? Rather than waste your money on the first class you find a flyer for, check out the options on Kidz Central Station. The website shows all the classes and activities in your neighborhood by age, schedule, price and interest. It can book your classes and even keep your baby’s schedule, which, once you peruse this site, might be even busier than yours.

Well Rounded NY pick: Infant Milestones, New York Kids Club, multiple locations and times


Sometimes your baby’s activities are not entirely about baby -- mama is entitled to a little fun too, right? Kidsy specializes in playdates, offering a great array of local activities and events, and connecting you with a network of other local mamas (and babies) to join in the fun. Since we all know there aren't a ton of class options in the newborn category, we’re big fans of Kidsy’s Playdate Parties, small get-togethers just for Kidsy users. There’s no way you won’t leave with some new mommy friends...oh, and a happy baby too.

Well Rounded NY pick: Kidsy Playdate: Learn How to Make Organic Baby Food with Petit Organics, Lark in Brooklyn, Sept. 10, 10 a.m.

Mommy Nearest

Activity planning is sometimes about more than just the activities. No matter what/where/when your baby’s hunger/tiredness/pooping strikes, you can count on the Mommy Nearest app for nearby kid-friendly options -- a quiet park for a fast feed, a baby shop for last-minute playdate outfit, and even a changing table for that surprise explosion (hopefully not in that new outfit). Plus there’s a whole “Fun” category, so no matter where baby takes you, you can still enjoy your afternoon.

Well Rounded NY pick: Movement & Minds at Swaddle Waddle, Books of Wonder in Chelsea, Sept. 16, 11:30 a.m.

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