As a kid growing up in the northeast, I suffered through many-a-Halloween where my costume’s fabulousness was dulled by having to wear a coat. A practical person would have incorporated warm clothing into their get-up of choice, but Madonna without lace is no Madonna at all, am I right?

Of course Halloween festivities are looking quite a bit different this year. Regardless of changed plans, donning a costume and participating in safe, socially distanced alternatives is likely still in the cards for many families around the country. And the most universal change this year? Wearing a mask no matter what costume they painstakingly decide on.

Instead of letting it cramp their style, we’ve found the perfect way to make it part of their look. The awesome folks at Cubcoats have created a line of masks and hoodies that put the fun in functional. Their clever designs result in simple and adorable costumes they’ll wear long after Halloween.

Check out our favorite face masks that can be turned into costumes:

Pimm the Puppy + Tomo the Tiger kids face masks

Cubcoats kids face masks pack of 2

Puppy or Tiger? With this two-pack they don’t have to choose!

Puppy, fox, and kitty mask buddies

Cubcoats Pimm, Kali, Flynn - Kids Mask Buddies

The ultra-clever Mask Buddy styles are costume-ready but offer an added feature. When not in use it transforms into a puffy pal kids can wear on their wrist or as a hair tie. This pack of three includes a puppy, a fox and a kitty.

Unicorn mask buddy

Cubcoats Uki the Unicorn mask buddy

If you can be anything, be a unicorn, right? The masks are made of 2-layers of fabric, lined with 100% cotton making them comfortable and easy-to-wear even while on the move. Unicorns not their thing? There’s also a shark and a dinosaur !

Pimm the Puppy zip-up hoodie

Cubcoats Pimm the Puppy zip-up hoodie

This 2-in-1 hoodie and plush pal is ready for adventure. Wear it to become Pimm the Puppy, complete with adorable playful ears. When they’re not wearing it, it transforms into a snuggly soft and huggable Pimm stuffie to play with. It also comes in tiger and fox versions!

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