[Editor's note: This sale will be active November 26-28th, 2021.]

The smart bassinet created by Dr. Harvey Karp was a game changer for my family. Our newborn son was terrible at sleeping —as many newborns are—but as weeks went by and we tried all the tricks in every single book, he was still not getting the memo that sleeping was good for him. I called my mom-friend in tears from sleep deprivation. " You need to get a SNOO ," she said. And so I did, because I was willing to try anything for more than one hour straight of sleep.

The SNOO uses white noise, a gentle motion and a swaddle to keep baby calm and comfortable in order to help them to sleep. Karp compares it to a night nurse, but cheaper. It's made for babies from day one to 6-months-old and comes with a wean mode for when you are ready to transition your little one to a regular crib.

But it comes with a price tag—$1,595 to be exact. While it's worth every penny, the SNOO is on sale for just a couple of days!

From November 26-28th, 2021, purchase the Snoo via the Motherly Shop with code SNOOMAMA20 and get 20% off! That's over $300 in savings you could use for all kinds of things. Like holiday gifts! Or a fancy massage (or three)! It's up to you, really. With all the rest you're about to get, it's basically a double jackpot.

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SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Besides snuggles, few things are more precious to parents than those sweet…

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