As an expectant mom, you are sure to have a lot on your to-do list. Between work, figuring out how this baby registry thing works, and plowing through baby books like they’re the latest en vogue teen lit series, your good intentions are bound to go out the window at some point. And first out that window, as we all know, is usually a home cooked meal. But with a baby in that belly of yours, a nutritious meal is not one you want to pass up. So we’re excited to be giving away four plates from our friends at Plated, a meal delivery service that provides customers with the highest quality ingredients while ensuring sustainability for their suppliers, society and the environment. Plated features a variety of new chef-designed meals each week. Choose the meals you want and order online – no need to grocery shop or recipe hunt (our favorite time sucker) -- and ingredients are delivered to your door. Everything is perfectly portioned, from delicious cuts of meat to freshly ground spices, so you don’t need to worry about measuring and waste. And all meals are delivered with high definition step-by-step instructions so even the most novice cook can prepare a delicious meal. They had us at “no need to grocery shop.”

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