If your kids are like mine, leggings have a tendency to turn into swiss cheese at the knee far before they outgrow them. And when they're the only thing your kid will wear , it's easy to find yourself buying replacements far too often. That's not only tiresome on your wallet—it's a big bummer for the environment as well.

Clothes should be made to keep up with kids' daring adventures, scooter mishaps and wild playground tendencies. And in a perfect world, they should be able to hold up well enough to land into the hand-me-down pile instead of the trash can.

With that in mind, I've rounded up some of the highest-rated and positively reviewed durable kids' leggings that they'll love just as much as you will.

Mightly reinforced knee leggings


File under: BRILLIANT. Mightly's line of reinforced knee leggings is such a no brainer that I can't believe they didn't exist sooner. Designed to stand up to all the tumbles, slides, falls and roughness kids can throw at them, these bad boys feature soft polyester patches on the inside that are invisible on the outside to reinforce the most vulnerable spot! What's more, they're made of GOTs certified organic cotton in a fair trade certified factory. They come in packs of two and a wide range of fun colors and patterns.


Hanna Andersson bright basics leggings

Hanna Andersson bright basics leggings

​Hanna Andersson has been in the game since I was a baby, so it's no surprise they've got this on lock. (Not that I'm a day over thirty something.) ​Creating clothes that last through one kid is part of their ethos—even leggings. These are some of the pricier ones out there, but in addition to their potential for handing down, they also regularly run fantastic sales. They wash well and hold up like total champs, living a nice long life with knees that are not only intact but also sag-free.

Primary classic leggings

Primary classic leggings

Primary can do no wrong in my book. Their colorful, high-quality basics have been a wardrobe staple for my kiddo since the brand launched. Surprisingly, each and every piece has survived her hard-wearing beatings long enough to be outgrown and hit the giveaway pile instead of the trash—including the leggings. They have a wide waistband and smooth, flat seams so kids stay cozy no matter what antics they get up to.


Cat & Jack leggings

Cat & Jack leggings

Fun fact: Did you know that Cat & Jack guarantees their clothes for an entire year? Yep. Me neither. Their leggings have a reputation for being durable but I know of a least a few pairs that were no match for my kid's roughhousing. Now I know I could have marched them back to Target and replaced them. Noted!


Girls Tough Cotton Ankle Leggings

Lands' End tough cotton leggings

According to Lands' End, their Tough Cotton "stands up to wear and tear up to four times better than traditional cotton knits." They're reinforced all over—not just the knees—through an innovative process that makes the fabric stronger for longer by creating bonds with the cotton fibers. Saved by science again!


Old Navy Built-In Tough leggings

Old Navy Built-In Tough Leggings

As a big fan of leopard , these seem like a wardrobe must-have. According to Old Navy, their Built-In Tough Jersey fabric is 2x more durable and strong than standard jersey. They also come a variety of on-trend tie-dye patterns.

The Children's Place

​The Children's Place leggings get rave reviews for their quality and durability. They come in a ton of colors and prints as well as value packs to save when you stock up. The best deal? The five pack of basic black that's currently on sale for less than $30 bucks! 😲


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