Here at Well Rounded NY, we are literally “well-rounded.” We are different kinds of NYC women, with different kinds of mom styles and parenting experiences. But what we have in common is more important: we want the best, most durable, fashionable, sustainable and well-designed products for baby… and for us. And we both found everything we needed at giggle.


As we launch our first ever “Editor’s Picks” for Well Rounded NY, this month focused on baby registry, it only made sense to curate product from giggle. Many of these picks are still in our regular rotation, and with giggle’s brand new “Registry Rewards” program, there’s no doubt we’d pick giggle again and again.


Now to get you started on your own registry. Check out each of our personal registry picks below, in 12 different product categories. Open your own giggle registry and start earning some rewards. Head on over to our giveaway to win your favorite registry picks from giggle, in the form of a $1,500 gift card!


Happy, healthy baby (shopping).