Dear Babies, actions speak louder than words, so who cares if you can’t speak yet? We have you covered literally and figuratively, you burgeoning little feminist.

Parents, if you have found yourself spirited and delighted by all the slogan and sign creativity seen at the marches and #womensmarch2018, remember that activism starts at home. And it can even start in baby's closet! And since some of the best fashion pieces are “conversation pieces,” we rounded up some of our favorite baby clothes and accessories that make a statement. Even better, many of the proceeds go to causes that need our support.

Here are 10 of our favorite tops, onesies and accessories for your little activist in the making.

1. THE BEE AND THE FOX: "Strong is the new pretty."

2. ASSIST THE RESISTANCE: "Hey girl, I respect your rights."

3. 7AM ENFANT: "The future is female."

4. GROW WILD STUDIO: "Aa is for Audre Lorde."

5. OEUF: "Feminist."

6. THE OUTRAGE: "Nevertheless, she persisted."

7. RED BUBBLE: "A woman's place is in the house and the senate."

8. ZAZZLE: "Nasty Woman"

9. LITTLE ACTIVISTS: "No stereotypes."


11. FREE TO BE KIDS: "Feminist like daddy."