Back in 2014, Willow changed the pumping game when they launched the world's first all-in-one wearable breast pump. In the years since, Time called it one of the best inventions of 2017, it's landed on celebrity baby registries and established itself as a must-have for pumping mamas everywhere. Clearly the space was ripe for innovation.

But you didn't think they'd stop there, did you? While the Willow Pump is designed to work with your existing nursing bra, the brand recently teamed up with the pros at The Dairy Fairy to create a fabulous new companion. Aptly named the Perfect Pumping Bra, it's the first bra exclusively designed for the Willow Pump.

When it comes to wearable pumps, the comfort and efficiency of your session is dependent on a proper bra fit. You need a pumping bra that's snug and supportive enough to hold the unit in place to maximize the output. And let's be honest–every drop counts.

So how is the Willow Perfect Pumping Bra different than other pumping bras on the market?

Well, the magic is in the patent pending double extender clips which help customize the fit whether you're hands-free pumping, nursing or enjoying time with your boobs tucked away for a few minutes. (Seems like never in those early days, right?) Unlike a standard nursing bra which has only one clip, the Perfect Pumping Bra offers two: A lower one to provide an extended fit that comfortably accommodates the pump and a higher one that offers support when you're not pumping.

Willow's Perfect Pumping Bra

And because it's designed by The Dairy Fairy, it's not just functional–it's elegant as well. Launched by Emily Ironi in 2012, The Dairy Fairy's feminine intimates for nursing and pumping combine function with aesthetics that are anything but boring or industrial. Their thoughtful designs give moms an all-in-one bra that not only works for moms, but celebrates them as well.

The Perfect Pumping bra is crafted like the rest of the Dairy Fairy line with soft fabrics and eye catching lace trim. It also features a sweet micro-mesh panel that adjusts to the level of cleavage coverage you prefer. The wireless construction is stretchy and comfortable all day long and made super supportive with four inches of hook and eye closures at the back. All that and it's still easy to pop into the washing machine without being fussy. And because inclusivity matters, it's available in sizes XS to 3XL to petite plus.

As any mama who has wrestled herself into a less than sexy, over-the-top utilitarian nursing bra knows, it can be quite the demoralizing experience. Add to that the annoyance of having to switch out to a completely different contraption in order to pump hands-free, and it's even more of a let down (pun not necessarily intended.) But with brands like Willow and The Dairy Fairy, perhaps that will all be a thing of the past.




Perfect Pumping Bra

Available in black and champagne, the Perfect Pumping Bra is your Willow Pump’s BFF.

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