Just because you’re going to be a mom doesn't mean you have to go soft. Black diamonds are a sure-fire way to convey elegance and edginess. Not only are black diamonds (Carbonado) much cooler than the classic white and yellow versions, but they come from outer space! According to a study, black diamonds were formed in a supernova explosion that took place prior to our Solar System being formed. Think of these minerals as cosmic dust that eventually became solid and fell to Earth as meteorites. Check out this roundup for some gorgeous pieces that will surely make a huge impact.

1. Gabriela Artigas Rose Hexagon + Three Black Diamonds Ring, $290

Wearing a stack of tiny bands on your finger is nothing new, but this diamond-embedded hexagon shape from Gabriela Artigas is a fresh take on the form.

2. Anna Sheffield Chasse Ring, $395

The Chasse ring from Anna Sheffield is a chic solitaire that can be worn alone or paired with the designer's signature slender pavé bands for a classic bohemian look.

3. Ariel Gordon Silver Bangle, $280

A sophisticated bangle never goes out of style and this tasteful Ariel Gordon is a modern twist on the classic with black diamonds.

4. Workhorse Jewelry Diana Black Diamond Bracelet, $240

Having a baby can overcome you with love and emotion, and this arrow bracelet from Workhorse Jewelry is a pleasant reminder of Cupid aiming at your heart.

5. Mociun Black Diamond Circle Earrings, $260

You have a lot on your mind these days, which means the best jewelry is the kind you put on and forget about. These effortless but unique circle stud earrings from Mociun will never be overlooked.