Change is good. And I am absolutely in love with the gorgeous babies that call me Mama. But you know when people ask you, “Can you even remember a time when they didn’t exist?” The answer is “Yes!” Especially around the holidays. And especially when I’m putting together my holiday wishlist. Because, let’s face it, as a single gal in the city, it was all about me. And all about extravagance. Now? Practicality trumps all. If you’re pregnant, your wishlist has probably already changed. Indulgence means catering to that changing body of yours, with an eye toward the inevitable baby-fied future. And you mamas out there know there’s a totally different wishlist, filled with stuff that can fit into family life or those little pockets of me-time, bookended by lots of “Mama”s? and “Mama”s! So in honor of our yesterdays, todays and tomorrows, here’s some lust-worthy wishlist fashion fodder that will satisfy all. HOLD IT 1. If You're Single: Remember when all you needed to go out was your iphone? Roberta Freymann Beaded Williams Clutch, $165 2. If You're Pregnant: This bag might take some of the stares off the belly. Gravel and Gold Boob Tote, $150 3. If You're a Mama: A crossbody is clutch, especially when you’re babywearing. Coach Urbane Crossbody Bag, $268 BRING ON THE BLING 1. If You're Single: Cause you can. In God We Trust Sweet Nothing Necklace, $100 2. If You're Pregnant: The term “itsy bitsy spider” hasn’t been hijacked by your kid just yet. Pamela Love Spider Drop Necklace, $138 3. If You're a Mama: So comfortable you can literally sleep in them. And you will. Erica Weiner Sleeper Earrings, $80 I GLOVE YOU 1. If You're Single: Do these sexy little numbers even keep you warm? Who cares! Topshop Chain Cuff Detail Gloves, $50 2. If You're Pregnant: Hello baby, goodbye suede. Get your (super-insulated!) fill now. Serena & Lily Suede Mittens by Astis, $225 3. If You're a Mama: Your fingers are only important because they stroll around precious cargo. 7 a.m. Enfant WarMMuffs 200, $44 FANCY FEET 1. If You're Single: Laces require time, energy and the ability to bend over. These kickass boots are for pre-pregnancy only. Samantha Pleet for Wolverine Blixen Boot, $330 2. If You're Pregnant: Sometimes when you’re pregnant, you just want to lay around the house. In cool shoes. Roseark Earth Shoes, $125 3. If You're a Mama: There’s a reason every mom you know owns a pair of No. 6 clogs: they’re cute and comfortable. Stop resisting. No. 6 Open Toe Weave with Sling, $265 BEDROOM BOOM BOOM 1. If You're Single: Totally chic and totally impractical. For Love & Lemons Not Your Normal Playsuit, $77 2. If You're Pregnant: Moisture-wicking, leak-resistant, stretchy...and sexy! Dear Kate Ms Moxie Cheeky, $36 3. If You're a Mama: If we’re gonna be in the bedroom, we’re gonna be sleeping. Equipment Lillian Pajama Set, $388