Babywearing is more popular than ever, and for good reasons. It promotes baby's development, helps baby be generally calmer, and can decrease the risk of SIDS, flat-head syndrome and postpartum depression. Plus, busy parents get to bond with their babies while taking care of business. And with ring slings, you get to give your parenting style a hands-free makeover without giving up on your actual style! That's why we love Wildbird.

Though ring slings can be intimidating at first, they're the easiest, quickest way to wear your little -- no wrapping or buckling involved. They also grow with your babe: most slings are suitable for newborns up to 35-pounds toddlers, and you can front, side or back carry. Plus, nursing in the sling is very easy. All you need to do is lower and adjust the sling for your baby to access the breast; and if you need a little privacy, you can then use the tail of the sling to cover up.

WildBird recently launched its new Fall/Winter 2018 line, and we're in love. Every collection, the brand finds inspiration in different parts of the world; and this season, the entire line is an ode to the Pacific Northwest. You can tell that WildBird's founder, Tayler Gunn, and her design team had fun bringing this line to life, with colors and patterns -- 24 of them! -- that celebrate some of the traits that define the area: they are cool (like Portland), calming (like the coastal towns in northwest Oregon) and vibrant (like Pikes Place Market in Seattle).

There's Kea, a deep green that resembles the ferns found in the coastal forests; while Puffin and Owl remind us of Seattle's moody skies. Robin is reminiscent of Oregon's big-leaf maple leaves; and the prettiest blues, like Chukar and Starling, bring us back to camping trips spent chatting it up with friends while staring at the starlit sky. Speaking of camping, did we mention Partridge, which is basically everyone's picnic blanket in Oregon?

Aside from the usual fabrics (linen and chambray), WildBird's new collection features Modal slings, which the brand introduced earlier in the Spring. Modal slings are made of linen woven with Lenzing Modal, a rayon fabric that comes from the fiber of beech trees; and boy oh boy, are they soft. Right out of the box, they feel like butter -- no need to break them in!

WildBird is also dedicated to support working moms and to source each and every sling responsibly. To make their slings, which all come with various ring color options (gold, rose gold, black and sliver), the brand relies solely on professional seamstresses who are moms and who can then work from the comfort of their own homes. Plus, Tayler Gunn strives to work with environmentally conscious suppliers that have fair wages and reasonable hours for their workers.

If you've been waiting to get not one, but two WildBird ring slings of your own, now is the time to flock and enter below for a chance to win (value ranging from $130 to $240 depending on the slings you choose!).