Sometimes the best parts of the holidays are the gift-giving rather than the gift-getting. Come on, there’s only so many ways to put on your surprised face when grandma gives you yet another checkbook holder. But when you get good at faking surprised faces, you get good at spotting the fakers too. That’s why we brainstorm all year long to make sure that every holiday gift we give is met with genuine happiness. Because really, she who gives the best gift wins. In life. Right? So now the big reveal -- spoiler alert for our friends and families, stop reading now! -- of a year’s worth of hard work. Here’s what our friends will be unwrapping come Christmas Day. JESSICA'S GIFTS The Toddler: Libby My big girl will be starting her first ballet class in January, so we’ve just started collecting tutus. I know she’ll love Chalk NYC’s modern take on this classic piece ($268), whether she’s dancing or pouring tea from her newest Maileg Cloth Tea Set ($110). The Baby: Elsie My little one just graduated from rompers into two-piece pajamas. I can’t wait to see her adorable rolls peaking out from these super-soft Skylar Luna PJs ($39) while she balances on this futuristic Spherovelo Ride-On ($100). The Husband: Andrew The man that keeps me fed (and in gourmet style at that!), deserves a hand-crafted Prospect 240 utility knife ($575) from Joel Bukiewicz’s Gowanus studio, Cut Brooklyn. The Pregnant Best Friend: Courtney Since she’s already had one baby, she knows those cozy Aden + Anais muslin swaddles can’t be beat. This time around, she’ll love nodding off with this Daydream Blanket ($125), a mama-sized version just as comfy as baby’s. The Nanny: May For the woman that braves the cold NYC streets with my girls in tow, I’ve picked out the coziest Christopher Fischer scarf ($184). And I’ll send her home with a 4 and 20 Blackbirds Salted Caramel Apple Pie ($38) to enjoy in the peace and quiet of her own home. The Mom: Thea My mom never shied away from statement pieces -- my childhood living room had an authentic carousel rabbit standing just feet away from a mannequin sporting Mom’s vintage wedding dress. This United Bamboo cat pillow ($58) seems cut from the same -- albeit smaller - cloth. The Partner: Kaity If there’s anyone that can appreciate an amazing Shabd tie-dyed tunic ($330) more than me, it’s my partner in crime at Well Rounded NY. A girl can dream, right? KAITY'S GIFTS The Fiancé: Scott This year Scott and I decided to go treat ourselves to a fancy dinner and drinks in lieu of presents. But I might have to sneak this David Byrne ($24.49) book under the tree for my music obsessed babe. It's been sold out forever! The Toddler: Oliver Time and time again I hear friends say "I don't force *insert gender neutral toys* on him/her it's just in his/her DNA" and it's true here too, sister. My boy loves anything with wheels (even pink strollers). And after seeing his little face pressed up against the glass at the Holiday Train show this weekend at Grand Central Station we realized that it's time he had his first train set ($29.99). The thing is he also loves hanging out in the kitchen too. So this Hape Gourmet Kitchen set ($19.21) is a must too. The Mom: Alba My mom has some seriously awesome taste (not just for a mom), so I love digging into her closet. This Kate Spade Saturdays sweater ($150) will look perfect on me. I mean her. The Babysitter: Danielle I'm lucky that my babysitter is my niece. I want to give her something that is comfy -- since she's running back and forth between nanny'ing gigs and campus -- and cute like these Vans leopard authentics ($55). The Pregger BFF: Julia For as long as I've know her (17 years) Julia's been obsessed with her hair so this is the perfect place to start making her clean up her skincare act. This Nine Naturals shampoo and conditioner ($20) will do the trick. Oh, and her belly too with the new Honest co. Belly Butter ($15). I don't want anything bad near that baby! The Partner: Jess Man, I love tie dye. But you know who reeeaallly loves tie-dye? My partner right here. I guess that's why we're such a good match. Hippie chicks at heart. I know Jess would rock the hell out of this Night Moon Mini Duffel ($135) on Of a Kind.