The holidays are right around the corner, which means we know you already have your shopping done, right? Wait, what? You don't? Don't fear! We've got a gift for you: more than 28 gift ideas for everyone on your list. Below, find our expert picks for that pregnant gal, new mom, new dad, baby or even toddler in your life. Happy Holidays!

Pregnancy gift ideas

Arielle Nachmani of Something Navy shows us what's on her wishlist.

  1. Cashmere Socks. These keep me warm during the cold winter months — you can never have enough of them!
  2. Stuart Weitzman Lowland Knee-High Boots. Since sweater dresses have been the comfiest clothes for me to wear as they're easy to slip-on and don't constrain the belly, I need the perfect boots to keep my legs warm in the cold. These knee-highs are my favorite for warmth, style, and also comfort. They make any outfit chic!
  3. Fresh Sugar Lychee Bath Cubes. I take a bath every night before I go to bed to relax. It's my absolute favorite part of day.
  4. Talenti Chocolate Chip Gelato. Chocolate is all I've been wanting!
  5. Canon Powershot G7. I've been loving taking pictures of my growing belly and to see how my body changes. This will be perfect for when the baby is finally here to capture every moment for high quality photos that directly goes to my phone through bluetooth. I can easily send photos to my family and friends without any hassle of loading pictures.

New mom gift ideas

Household Mag founder Hailey Andresen shares her holiday gift must-haves.

  1. InterDesign 6-Peg Wood Storage Rack. I know everyone and their mother has a peg rack on instagram, but I can't help but love the way it looks. This will be an easy trick when it comes to keeping hats, scarves and sweaters up off the floor this winter. $14.99
  2. iBlock: a cutting board by bkbutcherblock. This would be super helpful if you're planning on hosting any events this season. Keep your phone handy as guests arrive and your tablet handy displaying recipes/playing music. Plus it's made in Brooklyn. $150
  3. Madewell Transport Rucksack. A stylish bag that can also function as a diaper bag on days that your load is a little lighter. $198
  4. Madewell Flea Market Flares in Kara Wash. High-rise flared jeans to tuck in that post pregnancy tummy and to dress up your denim. $135
  5. Nesting Twiggy Fawn Stack by foxandthefawn on Etsy. Simple rings that don't snag or have the potential to scratch your little one. $10

Baby gift ideas

Holiday gift ideas for the cutest baby in your life.

  1. Winter Water Factory French Terry Blanket. Yes, baby will get lots of baby blankets. But trust us, mama will end up reaching for the same favorite one every single time. Especially if it's made of organic cotton, machine-washable and has a fun, whimsical print like this one. $39
  2. Zutano Shaggy Cozie Bootie. The only thing cuter than itty bitty toes is itty bitty toes in itty bitty booties. Zutano's shaggy new style is not only cozy and cute, it also fits like a glove so you don't ever have to worry about leaving a bootie behind. $24
  3. Shabd Tie-Dye Onesie Kit. We admit we can't get enough of tie-dye, and we especially can't get enough of our girl Shabd. But this gift is so much more than that: it's a chance to spend some quality time creating a one-of-a-kind onesie filled with so much love for that little babe. $48
  4. Briar Organics Bonnet. There is only really one time you can get away with wearing a super-soft, railroad striped, vintage-style bonnet. Since it's too late for you (trust us), buy one for every teeny tiny head you know. $34
  5. Livette la Suissette Toile Storage Bin. We wish baby “stuff" all looked cool. But it doesn't. So at least the storage bins you use to stash it can. These cool bins come in a range of sizes, colors and toiles that will make you smile every time you tidy up. $50
  6. Karen Kimmel Shape Shifter. Is it a mobile? Or a wall decoration? Who knows, but who cares? It will totally make baby's nursery sparkle no matter where you hang it. This is one nursery decoration both mama and baby will love. $44

New dad gift guide

Gear Patrol founder Eric Yang reveals the gear he's got on his own holiday list.

  1. Massage Certificates: My wife is the house hero—so what little physical relief I can offer is nice to supplement with massage certificates. She doesn't like to splurge on herself, so a nice stack of these do just nicely.
  2. Cordless Vacuum: Dyson v6 HEPA. I have a weird love for spot cleaning and I hate cords. Being able to just pop this off the wall and go to town makes it that much easier. $299
  3. Versatile Shirts: Buck Mason T-Shirts. During the week I stick to a basic “uniform," which makes getting ready easier on those bleary eyed, 3-hours-of-sleep mornings. Part of that includes plain ol' Gap t-shirts, which are great, but Buck Masons are worth the upgrade. They're comfortable enough for nights and weekends but come in a couple of styles that make it easy for everything from nights to weekends and even work. Plus, they're made in America. $28
  4. Portrait Lens: Fujifilm 56mm f/1.2 Lens. To be perfectly fair, the bulk of our baby photos are on our phone because it's always on us, but seeing a really great photograph of your kid that you took feels especially nice. This lens isn't the easiest thing to use — it's a “prime" lens, which means a fixed focal distance, but it knocks frame worthy photos out of the park (it's similar to what a wedding photographer might use). If you have a DSLR, you can find similar lenses for less. $799
  5. Portable Speaker: Bowers & Wilkins T7 Speaker. Hunter has a fair share of music sessions through the day from his bedtime routine to jazz sessions with dad. This speaker gets a lot of use because it's easy to tote around, the batteries last forever and it just sounds terrific. It isn't widely known, but a good speaker can play the full range of music at lower volumes so you don't have to play them loudly to hear everything, which is helpful around the little one. $350.

Toddler gift ideas

Creative gifts that will make your toddler squeal with joy.

  1. Modern-Twist Kids Mark-Mat Coloring Silicone Placemat. Even the best eaters need some encouragement staying at the dinner table sometimes. This washable color mat will keep your little artist entertained and even spark conversation. $25
  2. Odette Williams Kid Apron. For the little foodie in your life. This apron is perfect for those winter baking sessions you've been looking forward to. We only wish they made parent sizes too. $51.00
  3. Native Shoes Fitzsimmons Kids Boots. We love this brand for its ease during the summer months but can't stop thinking about the latest boots in their line. They're waterproof, über cool and the kids will love all the fun colors they offer. $65.00
  4. Where's Karl? Waldo, who? You and your toddler will get loads of entertainment but for totally different reasons while you try and find Karl Lagerfeld throughout this book. What better way to educate your tiny fashionista. $9.29
  5. Herschel Supply Alpine Beanie. We love a modern classic. Keep your littles head warm with this pom pom ribbed beanie. $19.99
  6. The Paloma Teeter Totter. Living in NYC means less space. So finding a toy that looks good and helps keep toddler in one space while releasing energy is clutch. This is more than just a toy it's a city family sanity saver. $320.00
  7. VTech Kidizoom Spin and Smile Camera. All that instagramming has inspired your toddler to start taking pictures all by himself. Buuut your phone and camera are too fragile to leave in tiny hands. This is the answer to both of your prayers. $42.99