There's nothing like a homemade treat to share the joy of the season. These kid-tested gifts are simple enough for busy parents to make and sweet enough for any child to enjoy.

No-bake peanut butter dream bars

Sweet Potato Chronicles

Who doesn't love peanut butter smothered in a thick layer of chocolate? These are the faster version of peanut butter balls, and guess what? You don't have to bake them at all.

Slow cooker apple butter with no added sugar


Rich with cinnamon flavor, there's no butter here at all. Just a tangy, sweet spread that's perfect on toast, pancakes and more. Bonus: No need to peel the apples!

DIY taco seasoning

Real Mom Nutrition

So much more flavorful than the store-bought stuff. Make your own blend—as spicy or mild as you like—and your loved ones will think of you next Taco Tuesday.

Homemade bread


Bread is a symbol of good luck, which makes a homemade loaf a special gift. But best of all, this particular recipe is so buttery soft, and so forgiving to make, even kids can whip up a loaf on their own.

Hot fudge sauce


With only four ingredients, you can make a big batch of the smoothest, creamiest hot fudge you've ever tasted.

Homemade marshmallows

Real Mom Nutrition

If you've never had real, homemade marshmallows , this is your chance. Plus, this simplified technique doesn't require a candy thermometer.

Lemon blueberry loaf with glaze

Sweet Potato Chronicles

One of the best gifts to get during the holidays is anything that doubles as breakfast for a busy family. This is one of the most loved flavor combinations of all time.

Chocolate granola bars

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a sweet snack that's also filling enough to keep kids going until dinner.